Department:   Statistics             |            Faculty:       Sciences
Sr.Research TitleName of ScholarSuperviser sessionCategorySubjectLanguage
1Adaptive Procedures for estimation of Linear Regression Models with Known and Unknown Heteroscedastic Errors.Muhammad AslamProf. Dr. G. R. PashaPh.DStatisticsEnglish
2Influence Analysis of Some Alternative to Ordinary Least Squares Estimator in parametric Regression Models Muhammad Aman UllahProf. Dr. G. R. PashaPh.DStatisticsEnglish
3Modeling The Behaviour of Pakistani Married Women Towards contraceptive Use Azhar SaleemProf. Dr. G. R. PashaPh.DStatisticsEnglish
4Estimating and Forecasting of Financial Time Series Volatility in Pakistan with Regime-switching GARAPH ModelsTahira Bano QasimProf. Dr. G. R. PashaPh.DStatisticsEnglish
5Food frequency analysis of River Systems of Pakistan, Using L-momentsZamir HussainProf. Dr. G. R. PashaPh.DStatisticsEnglish
6Improved Inference under Heteroscedasticity of Unknown form a New Class of Bootstrap and Nonparametric EstimatorsMunir AhmedProf. Dr. G. R. PashaPh.DStatisticsEnglish
7Robust Nonparametric Regression Estimation with Non-Gaussian Errors and Bandwidth OptimizationAtif AkbarProf. Dr. G. R. PashaPh.DStatisticsEnglish
8Modeling Multivariate Biomedical DataUzma NawazProf. Dr. Asghar AliPh.DStatisticsEnglish
9Evolving Trends in Independent Component Analysis with Application Saima AfzalDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalPh.DStatisticsEnglish
10Estimation of Balanced and Unbalanced Dynamic Panel Data ModelsMuhammad AbdullahProf. Dr. G. R. PashaPh.DStatisticsEnglish
11Influence Diagnostic Methods in Generalized Linear Models With Baised EstimationMuhammad AminDr. Muhammad AmanullahPh.DStatisticsEnglish
12Addressing Linear Regression Models With correlated Regression: Some Package Development RMuhammad Imdad UllahDr. Muhammad AslamPh.DStatisticsEnglish
13Construction Of Dialel Cross Design By Using The Method Of Cyclic ShiftsMaqsooda ParveenProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalPh.DStatisticsEnglish
14Construction of circular and linear blocks neighbar designsIftikhar AhmadProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalPh.DStatisticsEnglish
15New Diagnostic Methods for Influential Observations in Linear Regression with some Biased Estimation Methods Muhammad KashifDr. Muhammad AmanullahPh.DStatisticsEnglish
16Comparison and Analysis of Biometrical Methods On Major Oilseed Crops in PakistanAbdul Ghafoor Prof. Dr. Ijaz IqbalPh.DStatisticsEnglish
17Construction of Anthropometric Growth Charts for Pakistan using the LMS and Quantile Regression ApproachMuhammad AsifDr. Muhammad AslamPh.DStatisticsEnglish
18Efficient Estimation and Robust lnference of Distributed Lag Models in Presence of Heteroscedasticity of Unknown FormAbdul MajidDr. Muhammad AslamPh.DStatisticsEnglish
19Reservoir Inflow Prediction Employing Numerous Data Driven TechniquesAdnan Bashir Dr. Muhammad Ahmad ShahzadPh.DStatisticsEnglish
20Bayesian Non-Parametric ModellingHaris KhurramDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalPh.DStatisticsEnglish
21Quality of Demographic Data in District Multan.Kinza GullDr. Rana A. WajidM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
22Evaluation of Livestock Data using Multivariate Analysis TechniquesM. AmjadDr. Asghar AliM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
23On the construction of Efficient repeated Measurement Designs Rabia MunaaProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
24Forecasting using Stat Space Models (Box Cox Transformation approach)Shahzad Kashif FarooqDr. Zafar MahmoodM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
25Survival Analysis of cancer Patients Rizwana TajDr. M. AkramM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
26Modeling Visually Balanced and Visually unbalanced Fractions of Fractional Experiments Hafiz M. QasimDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
27Forecasting Using Asymmetric Moving Average Model (Box-Cox Transformation Approach) Ahmad HussainDr. Zafar MahmoodM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
28Data-Driven System Identification Via Data MiningSheraz HussainDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
29Regression Modeling with Autocorrelation Involving Non Normal ErrorsHammad Ullah KhanDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
30Conditional Heteroscedasticity in Financial Time Series. Saima AfzalDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
31Consistent and Efficient Estimation of Heteroscedastic and Auto correlated Covariance Matrix.Saima Khan KhosaDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
32Asymptotic Efficiency of Uniformly Most Powerful Tests for Exponential Family of Distributions Maqsooda PerveenDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
33Forecasting Models for institutional Enrollment of woman Rural Arears of the PunjabHumaira SarfrazDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
34Yield Modeling for cash In District Multan. M. Shakil AshrafDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
35Semi parametric Estimation of Autoreqression Model with applications Muhammad EjazDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
36Reliability Estimation of the we bull distribution in survive analysis M. Shuaib KhanDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
37Forecasting using state space models (Box Cox Transformation Approach)Shahzad Kashif FarooqDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
38Forecasting using a symmetric moving average Model (Box Cox Transformation Approach)Ahmad HussainDr. Zafar MahmoodM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
39Statistical modeling for complications during haemodialysisM. Shahid MahmoodDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
40Modeling Visually Balanced and Visually Unbalanced Fractions of Factorial experiments. Hafiz M. QasimDr. Muthair IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
41Generalization of Kaplan meter Estimator: Application in survival Data.Salman khurshidDr. Zafar MahmoodM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
42Modeling the marriage pattern of Female in selected Districts of PunjabNoureen AkhtarDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
43Improve Estimation by Ridge Type Estimators.Ammara OmarDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
44Evaluation of Rate Trend Pattern Via Segmented RegressionAaman KhanDr. G. R. PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
45The construction of perfect Mendelssohn Designs.Sabahat GulProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
46Efficient Estimation and Adaptive Confidence Band for the Response in Linear Regression Model with Heteroscedastic errors.Saima RaniDr. Muhammad Aslam AsadiM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
47Statistical Analysis of comparative study for the personality of Children of Literate & illiterate Mothers. Nazar HussainProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
48Statistical analysis of Thyroid Disorders Case study of Paktattan Shreef Hassib IqbalDr. Muhammad Aslam AsadiM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
49Survival analysis of Medically Treated Thalassamia Patients in Multan.Fakhrah Maryam IqbalDr. Muhammad AkramM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
50A statistical Review of Basic Facilities Available to the people of PunjabMuhammad MugheesProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
51Gauging the Adequacy of the best Model Tanzeela AshrafDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
52Effect of Different Factors at Wheat Production: A Statistical ReviewAasma YounasProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
53Causes of Heart Disease Rihana SiddiqueProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
54Use of the Heteroscedasticity Consistent Covariance Matrix Estimators (HCCMEs) Under Group Wise Heteroscedasticity Abdul MajidDr. Muhammad Aslam AsadiM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
55Quintile Regression Analysis of income Gap op the People of PunjabMuhammad ArsalanDr. Muhammad Aslam AsadiM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
56Modeling and forecasting of Different sectors of GDP and GNP of Pakistan. Muhammad SaleemDr. Zafar MahmoodM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
57An Empirical Study of PCA Based on the fact that all Principal Components (Groups) are Important and Informative: A Contradiction to the Conventional Approach.Muhammad FaisalDr. Muhammad AkramM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
58Optimal Fractional Factorial Design with Minimum Prediction Variance Humera HayatDr. Muhammad AkramM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
59Construction of Polygonal Designs for Block Size 4 Muhammad ImdadullahDr. Asghar AliM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
60Adaptive One way Analysis of Variance Under Heteroscedastic ErrorsMehnaz QayyumDr. Muhammad Aslam AsadiM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
61Statistical Analysis of Agricultural Production and its impact on The Economical condition of British Punjab (1990-1947)Nasim AkhtarDr. Asghar AliM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
62The implementations & comparison of Six Sigma with others Techniques or Reduce Yarn Count Variation & improve Yarn Quality Muhammad AminDr. Muhammad AkramM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
63Survival Analysis of Coronary Heart Disease patients by using The Parametric, Non Parametric & Semi Parametric MethodsRiffat AishaDr. Muhammad AkramM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
64Inference of Heteroscedastic Linear Regression Model via kernel Smoothing Afshan SaeedDr. Muhammad Aslam AsadiM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
65The comparative Study of Different Aspects of Rainfall and Forecasting in the Area of Punjab by Using Statistical TechniquesM. Awais ManzoorDr. Muhammad AkramM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
66Analysis of Stock Market performance of Oil & Gas companies & its Relationship with National & International Oil prices.Muhammad KashifDr. Asghar AliM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
67Time Series modeling and Forecasting in Bank Sector of KSE-100 and Distribution fitting on Stock Market DataSaima LaeeqProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
68Construction of Balanced Incomplete Block Designs with the Method of Cyclic Shifts Muhammad ShahzadProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
69The construction of Cyclic regular Graph Designs Irum NazirProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
70Generalization of Kaplan-Meter Estimator Applications in Survival DataSyed Farrukh Huma NaqviDr. G. R PashaM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
71Analysis and forecasting of KSE 100 using ARMA Modeling (Box-Cox Transformation Approach)Javairia BasharatProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
72Analysis and forecasting of Financial Time Series. Saba MalikProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
73Review of Variable Selection Applications. Uzera KhanDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
74Association between Tobacco smoking and risk of leading cancers among males in the southern PunjabMuhammad AsifDr.Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
75Construction of incomplete Latin square designs with the method cyclic shiftsSana ShahidProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
76Some New Third Order Designs Robust To One Missing Observation and the Comparison of their EfficienciesFareeha RasidProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
77Comparison of Non-Linear Regression Models and Their Application to Biological GrowthAnsar AbbasDr. Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
78More Efficient Estimation of the Liu Regression Model with Heteroscedastic Errors Muhammad Sana UllahDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
79Measurements of Human Development A Case Study of Multan DistrictAnam JavidProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
80Kidney Failure and Related Diseases: Statistics Analysis of data from MultanIshrat RiazDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
81Statistical Analysis of Cardiac data from Multan to Determine the Risk FactorsSidrah NoreenDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
82Time Series Analysis and Forecasting of Different Crops for Province PunjabHumaira SarwarProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
83Comparison of Survival Pattern of Hepatitis C Virus Patients Under Different Risk Factors Hina TabassumProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
84Statistical Modeling the Main Factors of TB PatientsMuhammad AjmalProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
85Demographic Analysis of Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in Mayo Hospital Lahore Zahra ZafarProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
86Determinants of Child Health : A Statistical ReviewMaria LatifProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
87A Statistical Critique of Nomination Papers Filed in the General Election 2013Muhammad Zubair SajidDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
88Modeling of Clinical Data & Estimating the Risk Factors of Diabetes (A Case Study of the Patients Being Treated in Multan Division)Kalsoom YasinDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
89Regression Diagnostics: A Partial Residual Plots ApproachZawar HussainDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
90Statistical Evaluation of Teachers Characteristics on the Students PerformanceMuhammad SufdarDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
91Assessment of Poverty by Using Social Living Indicators (A Case Study of District BahawalnagarMuhammad Yousaf KhanProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
92Growth Chart of Body Mass Index for the People of Multan City (A Quintile Regression Approach)Waqas ur Rehman KhalidiDr. Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
93Survival Analysis of Children with Different Diseases and Synthesizes Mortality Experience with Life TableSana TabassumDr. Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
94The Prospective Study of Cardiovascular Disease Saira MunirDr. Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
95Adaptive Estimation of Regression Model to Predict the Spiro metric Reference ValuesSurria NoorDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
96Noneprametic Regression Estimation with correlated errors.Iavaria Ahmad KhanDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
97Application of Panel Data Model For Risk Analysis of Joint Stock Companies of Karachi Stock Exchange Summayya NasimDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
98Modelling lll Conditioned DataFazal AbbasDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
99Time Series Modeling and Forecasting in Textile Sector of KSE-100Abida GhaffarProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
100Statistical Modeling for Pakistan Economic GrowthMahwish ZafarDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
101Influential Diagnostics for Poisson Regression Models with Different Residuals StructureKhalid NaveedProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
102The Origin Development and Application of Bootstrap Techniques with Reference to Linear ModelsQurrat ul AinDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
103Statistical Insight of Results of General Elections 2013Abdul Sattar GhaffariDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
104Causes of Hepatitis CMuhammad Zahid JavedProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
105Gauging and Comparing Level of Environmental Literacy( A Case of Southern Punjab)Shazia SultanDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
106Statistical Evaluation of Factors of Diarrhea in Children: A Case Study of D.G.KhanSarwat SabirDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
107Robust Estimation in Linear Models with Different Error Structures of Explanatory VariableAbdul SalamDr. Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
108The Effect of Diabetes Mellitus on Kidney and Heart (A Statistical Review)Muhammad ImranDr. Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
109Regression Modelling of Data From Various Real Life SituationFaisal IshtiaqDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
110Effectiveness of Vaccination (A Case in Multan District Abdul WahabProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
111Variable Transformation Effects on the Influence Methods in Linear Regression Muhammad Nasir BariDr. Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
112Profitability and Analysis of panel Data in Cement of Pakistan IndustryMadeeha KiranProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
113Inference about Linear Regression Model with the Problem of Multicollinearity Using Almost-Unbiased EstimatorsMuhammad BabarDr. Muhammad Aslam AsadiM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
114Bayesian Methods to Assess the Accuracy of Medical Screening Test used for Hepatitis-C DetectionMamoona SidraDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
115Determining of Child Health: A Statistical ReviewAnam KaleemDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
116Impact of Rescue 1122 to Reduce Vulnerability of emergency Sobia QadeerProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
117Comparison of Kendall Tau Test and Spearman Rank Correlation for the Detection of HeteroscadsityMuhammad Shakir IdreesProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
118Adaptation for the (k-d) Class Estimators in the Presence of Unknown HeteroscedasticityWaqas MakhdoomDr. Muhammad Aslam AsadiM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
119Data analysis using Quality Control Techniques in the Bayesian ParadigmJaveria KhaleeqDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
120A Comparison of Robust Regression Techniques Using M-Estimator in the Presence of HeteroscedasticityShakeel AhmadDr. Muhammad Aslam AsadiM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
121Bandwidth Optimization in Nonparametric Regression Estimation with Heteroscedastic ErrorsFaiza UroojDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
122Application of Influence Functions for Influence Diagnostics in Gamma RegressionAbdul HameedDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
123Construction and Implementation of Indices for Real Life ApplicationsNazia KiranDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
124Controlled Data: Generation, Testing, Modelling and Impact GaugingShafqat RasoolDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
125Influence Diagnostics In Contingency TablesSaima ArshadProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
126Jobs for Women and Problem of Choosing Suitable Job in PakistanFarah NasirProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
127A Statistical Study on Attitude of Students toward the Generation GapMuhammad AmeeqProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
128Impact of Laptops given to the Students as a Reward by CM PunjabHafeez AhmadProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
129On the Robust RegressionSamia NadeemDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
130Gamma Ridge Regression a Simulation StudyRashid KhalilDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
131Nonparametric Regression Estimation with Heteroscedastic ErrorsSana WahidDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
132Panel Data Analysis for Cereal Production in SAARC CountriesAnsar Ali FarazDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
133A Critical View on Official Statistics in PakistanAreej Munawar QureshiDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
134Bayesian Study of Some Quality Control ToolsBisma ImranDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
135Use of Adjusted Residuals for the identification of Outlier in Gamma RegressionRabia NazDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
136Prevalence and significant facotors of dental diseasesAnwar Muneer TararDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
137Factor Identification of Drug Addiction in Youngster in D. I. KhanMehr AliProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
138Trend Towards Higher EducationAzhar HayatProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
139Time series Analysis and Forecasting of the Pakistan Railway Passengers Employees and Revenue Naeem UsmanDr. Muhammad Aslam AsadiM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
140Construction of Trojen Square Design Samana Mehreen JafferyProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
141Exploring Disdained Statistical Concepts Kahkashen AteeqDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
142A statistical Investigation for the Identification of Hepatitis factors in Dera Ghazi KhanJivan KhanDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
143Flaws in Official Statistics of Pakistan Naila SalmanDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
144Analysis of Risk Factors of ENT Diseases at DG Khan and Rajanpur Districts Mujahid HussainMr. Muhammad EjazM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
145Controling Quality by using x-bar chart in Bayesian perspective Madiha IsmailDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
146Generalized regression (GREG) estimation Versus Calibration estimation under different sampling designs Humera SafdarDr. Muhammad Ahmad ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
147Efficient estimation of the PC Regression with the issues of Multicollinearity and HeteroscedasticityHira AshrafDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
148Conception of Statistical Concepts a Case Study of Practitioners from Multan Munazzah Nazar GondalDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
149Importance of Education in the People or Rural Areas Madiha MushtaqProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
150Seasonal Analysis and forecasting of infectious Diseases in Multan.Ghulam MustafaDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
151A statistical Study of bone diseases in Multan.Muhammad AmjadDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
152Statistical Evaluation of Children Oral Diseases a Case Control Study Tehzeeb KausarDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
153Statistical analysis of Thalassemia patients: A case Study of Multan District Mehwish SadiqProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
154Assessment of Poverty by using social living indicators (A case study of Multan district)Samina KausarProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
155Impact of Product innovation on sale volume of the companiesMuhammad TariqProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
156Inverse Gaussian Ridge Regression: A Simulation StudySyeda Maryam siddiqaDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
157Liu Estimator in Gamma Regression Models Liaqat AliDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
158OLS Assumptions: quantifying Degree of departure and their impact through controlled data Maryam SattarDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
159Modeling of Time Series Data through regression Shahida TabassumDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
160Comparison of statistical techniques for forecasting of the export of cotton commodities in Pakistan Muhammad ZiaDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
161Efficient estimation of the distributed Lag Model in the presence of heteroscedasticity of unknown form Ayesha KanwalDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
162Construction of different partial residual plots the applicationsFaiza AliDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
163Nonparametric regression estimation with error in variable Rabia MehmoodDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
164Principal components calibraction in presence of heterosedasticity and Multicollinearity Bushra RasoolDr. Muhammad Ahmad ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
165Small area estimation of demography variable Nighat iqbalDr. Muhammad Ahmad ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
166Improved Inference for Ridge Regression with unknown heteroscedasticity.Ghazal WaseemDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
167Reverse linear and non linear regression modeling: A computational approachWajeeha YousafDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
168Model estimation with co-existence of multi collinearity and outliersKhadija Kanwal KhanDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
169Application of various statistical techniques in modeling and forecasting of road accidents data (A case study of Multan)Fatima ZahraDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
170Unusual styles of teaching statisticsAqsa JabeenDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
171Methods to treat III-conditioned data in survey samplingFatima NoorDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShahzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
172Factors identification of drug addiction in youngsters in Multan.Zakia SaleemDr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
173Water quality of District Lodhran; a statistical analysisMadiha JavaidDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
174Outlier detection in academic achievements: A case study of BZU, Multan.Shaista RiazDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
175Time series analysis of some oil companiesZain-ul-Abideen AlviDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
176Performance Comparison Of Shrinkage MethodsTabasum RasulDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShahzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
177Trends in indigenous research in statisticsJavaria SaeedDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
178Modeling Different Aspects of Grid System Operation (GSO) MEPCO Data in Bayesin ParadigmMuhammad Ilyas QayyumDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
179The Latent Variabe Modeling of Diabetes MellitusNoshaba AslamDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
180Forecasting Gold Prices in PakistanMarsaba IqbalDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
181Statistical analysis of physiochemical characteristics of drinking water in BahawalpurHina KhanDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
182Application of Various Statistical Techniques in Modeling and Forecasting of Patient’s Influx at Cardiology Hospital, MultanNarmeen JameelDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
183Construction of neighbor designs of block size 4Palwasha Fatima BuzdarDr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
184A study of wheat yields in MultanHafiz Abdul SamiDr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
185Application of modern imputations methods to treat nonresponse in survey samplingMuhammad AleemDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShahzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
186Statistical Assessment of Nicotine Dependence Among Male Smokers Abdul RaoofDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
187Bayesian Analysis of Diabetes Data “Measuring, Diagnosis and Treatment”Ayesha BibiDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
188Risk factor evaluation of HVC: A statistical reviewBakhatawar SharifDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
189Computation of Spirometric Reference Values using Quantile Regression And Adaptive Z-ScoreTalib HussainDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
190New way of identifying family continuous probability distributions and estimation of population parameter (s) itsof. Haris KhurramDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
191Modeling renal failure dataAyesha KhalidDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
192Neighbor-balanced designs in circular blocks of size six.Faisal SajjadDr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
193Statistical investigation of the factors influencing the incurrence of the chronic urticariaAkasha RehmanDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShahzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
194The study of different diseases at children Hospital Multan.Anum IftikharDr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
19521st Century Teaching-Learning Skills Perceptions And Practices Of College Teachers (Multan)Muhammad NadeemDr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
196Application of queue models to compare the service performance of HBL and UBLSaddam HussainDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
197Factors Demanding Healthcare ResourcesLailumah IqbalDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
198Construction of petal growth charts by using quantile gegressionHafeez-ur-RehmanDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
199A statistical investigation to find out the eye disease risk factorsHina MalikDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
200Statistical Modeling Of Women Oral Diseases: A Case Control StudyTayyaba JamshedDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
201Performance of Some Ridge Estimators in Gamma Response Model: A Simulation StudyMuhammad QasimDr. Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
202Versatility Of StatisticsNida AmjadDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
203Regression Imputation Methods Versus Other Modern Imputation Methods In Survey SamplingBushra MalikDr. Muhammad Ahmad ShahzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
204Dealing with Error in Explanatory Variable for Least Squares Ratio EstimationFaiza BatoolDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
205Positioning Official Statistics of Pakistan In Global PerspectiveUm-e-KalsoomDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
206Influence Diagnostics In Logistic Regression With Ridge EstimatesNauman SaleemProf. Dr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
207Bandwidth Optimization in Kernel Regression with correlated ErrorsSana NaseerDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
208Knowing & Handling Diabetes: Comparing Knowledge, Perception & Attitude of Various Classes Of PatientsTehmina AkhtarDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
209On The Heteroscedasticity In The Errors In Variable(s) ModelsMehjabeen YounasDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
210Influence Diagnostics in Linear Regression Models Under a New Estimation Method: Least Squares RatioSidra GulDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
211Statistics At Your ServiceAqsa BatoolDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
212Bootstrap Estimation Of Biasing parameter In LIU RegressionKhansa NaeemDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
213Detection Of Outliers & Influential Observation With Modified Ridge Regression: A Simulation StudyZeest ZubairDr. Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
214Time Series Analysis and Forecasting on the Share Prices of Nestle CompanyHira SattarDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
215Bayesian Paired Wise Comparison Of Cricket Team Incorporating Home Ground AdvantageTanveer AhmedDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
216Time Series Modeling of Level Share Prices of Angro FoodUma RomanAamna KhanM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
217Robust Modified Ridge Regression Based On An M-EstimatorMadiha AnwarDr. Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
218Principal Component Calibration in Presence of HetroscedasticityAyesha NiazDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
219Inverse Gamma Pareto Distribution Using Bayesian AnalysisNabeela JameelDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
220Ridge Calibration in Presence of HeteroscedasticityMasooma MuridDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
221Quality of Demographic data in District VehariSamreena GhaffarDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
222Efficient Estimation with Double K Class Model in the Presence of Unknown HeteroscedasticityRabia GhafforDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
223Impact Analysis Of Autocorrelation In Errors In Variable(s) ModelsMaria ZafarDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
224Determinants of Students Performance: A Statistical Review Maryam HashmiDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
225Using of Randomized Complete Block Design in Bayesian PerspectiveAneeza NawazDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
226The Efficiency of Principal component and Liu-Type of Philosophy in StatisticsNaheed KhatoonDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
227Bootstrap Estimation of Biasing Parameter in Ridge RegressionIsmat PerveenDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
228Penalized Calibration Under Different ParametersAfifa ShakeelDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
229Moment Calibration Estimation In Survey SamplingFarah ZehraDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
230Construction Of BMI Growth Chart By Using The Gaussian Percentiles & Healy Rasbash Yang (HRY) MethodMuhammad BilalDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
231Modeling Financial Time Series Using Orthogonal Garch ModelsZahra YasmeenDr. Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
232Performance Of Bootstrap Confidence Intervals For L-MomentsMasuad AkhtarMuhammad EjazM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
233Bayesian Analysis to the Poisson Regression ModelSonia BhattiDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
234Modified Ridge Estimator & Diagnostic Methods In Regression Models With AR (1) Errors & Stochastic Linear RestrictionSidra ManzoorDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
235Principal Component Analysis Based Identification Of OutlierMehwish AltafDr. Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
236Regression Analysis Independent ComponentsAneeza RazaDr. Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
237Application Of Greg Estimator On DataBushra JahangirDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
238Life Table Construction & Statistical Modeling Of Some Health Indicators Of PakistanHafiz Muhammad Awais RashidMuhammad EjazM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
239Influence Of Front De SK Employees On Overall Service Quality Customer Satisfaction & LoyaltyMuhammad Ali BokhariDr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
240Construction of Resolvable Balanced Incomplete Block DesignNaila YasmeenDr. Ijaz IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
241Quantile Regression Modeling With DiagnosticsWaqas Ghulam HussainDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
242Bayesian Study of MEPCO GSO Data About Load Management Zainab NaseerDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
243A Simulation Study of Least Squares and Almost Unbaised Liu Estimators for Normal and Nonnormal Autocorrelated DisturbancesAyesha NaseemDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
244Comparison Of Principal Component Analysis and Independent Component Analysis In Data DerivingSidra BibiDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
245A Simulation Study of Least Squares and Lin Estimators for Normal and Non Normal Autocorrelated DisturbancesNimra AfzalDr. Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
246Critical Review of the Evolution of Economic Survey of PakistanFareeha NasimDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
247Appraisal of Exponential Regression as Generalized Linear ModelMuhammad Usman AliDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
248Versatility of Regression Modelling of Time Series DataFiza AhmadDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
249Exponential Smoothing and Forecasting Of Financial Time SeriesAdil ShahzadDr. Maqsooda ParveenM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
250Diagnostic Methods in Ridge Regression With Sampling WeightsRaisa JaveedDr. Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
251Bootstrapped Modification in Heteroscedasticity Consistent Covariance Matrix EstimatorsAmara SabirDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
252Residual Variance Estimation in Nonparametric RegressionFozia Abdul RasheedDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
253Component Ordering In Independent Component Analysis A Comparative StudyTubaDr. Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
254Recent Advances in Randomized Response TechniqueMoosa YaseenDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
255Impact Analysis of Geometric RegressionMuhammad WaqasDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
256On the Performance of Some Modified Ridge Estimators in Gamma Regression Model: A Simulation StudyAhad YasinDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
257Detecting Outlier(s) in Multivariate DataUmaira HussainDr. Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
258Different Estimation Procedures of Population Mean Using Auxiliary Information in Survey SamplingMuhammad Nauman ShabbirDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
259A New Class of Heteroscedasticity Consistent Covariance Matrix EstimatorsHina MaryamDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
260Modelling of Age Specific Death Rates of Pakistan using The Lee-Carter ModelSumera AnwerDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
261Bayesian Analysis of Transformed Exponential Distribution using Lindley’s Approximation Hafiza Ayesha NoorDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
262Diagnostics for Heteroscedasticity in Nonparametric RegressionAfifa ArmishDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
263On Lin Parameters in Logistic RegressionMuhammad ZeeshanDr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
264A Comparative Study of Significance of Effects for Cox PH Model in Survival Analysis Babar AliMs. Maqsooda ParveenM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
265Time Series Analysis and Forecasting of Share Prices of 5 Sugar MillsQurat Ul AinDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
266Some New Biasing Parameters for Ridge Regression Based on Kibria’s MethodNadeem Ur Rehman KhanDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
267A Novel Outlier Detection Method in Multivariate DataZunara BatoolDr Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
268Identifying the Factors of Vision Impairment Using Regression AnalysisMaria AslamMr. Shakeel AhmadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
269A Robust Restricted and Unrestricted Two Parameter Estimator for Linear Regression Model Rubina AshrafMr. Shakeel AhmadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
270Statistical Perspective of Psychometric Study of Depression Anxiety Stress ScaleMuhammad IlyasDr Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
271Prediction of Birth Weight Using Regression Model With Some Unfulfilled AssumptionsKishwar SultanaDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
272Comparative Analysis of Outlier Detection Methods in Multiple Linear RegressionHumera JavaidMs. Aamna KhanM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
273On The Distribution Of Different Batting Strategies in One Day International Cricket Majid MahmoodDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
274Statistical Analysis of Vitamin D Deficiency in Alopecia AreataAleena Saher FatimaMs. Amna KhanM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
275Quantile Regression and Growth Charts Development of School Aged Children in Southern PunjabMehreen HassanDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
276Capture Recapture and Indirect Sampling in Survey SamplingAbida Hameed KhanDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
277Variance Estimation in Nonparametric Regression in the presence of Correlated ErrorsJawaria KhanDr Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
278Addressing the Polynomial Regression with Unknown Heteroscedasticity Najm U SaharDr Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
279Elemental Slope Method to Detect Several Outliers in Ridge RegressionRafe BilalDr Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
280Performance of New Two-parameter Estimator for Multinomial Logit ModelMuhammad Amir SaeedDr Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
281Capture Recapture Sampling Methods in SurveysNeelam BukhariDr Muhammad Ahmad ShahzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
282Variance Estimation Using Lowess Estimator With Optimal Bandwidth SelectionSamra FazeelatDr Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
283The use of Ramdomized Response Technique to Measure the Induced Abortion Levels in Multan Javaria MahmoodDr Muhammad Ahmad Shahzad M.PhilStatisticsEnglish
284An Application of Regression Analysis to Study the Impact of Climate Changes on Agriculture in Pakistan Marriam Bashir Dr Muhammad Amanullah M.PhilStatisticsEnglish
285Bayesian Analysis of Welbull Cox Proportional Hazard Model Using Lindley Approximation TechniqueRamsha HyeDr Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
286Logistic Regression with some Probability Distributions to Predict Rainfall in PunjabMuhammad Abubakar SherDr Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
287Using Independent Components for Estimating Logistic Regression with High Dimensional Multicollinear Data Sana AliDr Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
288An Unbiased CP Critertion for Multivariate Modified Ridge Regression Huma ShahidDr Muhammad Amanullah M.PhilStatisticsEnglish
289Panel Data Analysis of Share Prices of some Oil Companies in Pakistan Hira Aqeel Dr Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
290Performance of Some Liu Estimators for Multinomial Logit Model Arsheen TahirDr Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
291Exploring the Exponentiated Transmuted Inverse Rayleigh Distribution (ETIRD) and Bayesian ParadigmNomana SafdarDr Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
292Detection of Influential Observations in the Distributed Lag ModelsAsad AbbasDr Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
293Statistical Modeling of Body Fat Percentage, BMI And Body Adiposity Index for School-going Children of MultanSana AhmadDr Maqsooda ParveenM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
294Some Modern Imputation Techniques in Statistics for Missing ObservationsMamoona AshrafDr Muhammad Ahmad ShahzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
295Variance Estimation in Nonparametric Regression with Heteroscedastic errorsAsma MoazamDr Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
296Modeling of Financial Time Series using Independent Component GARCH ModelSajida NawazDr Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
297Performance of GREG Estimator under Different Sampling DesignsFahad WaqasDr Muhammad Ahmad ShahzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
298Diagnostic Value of CERES and Partial Residual Plots for Binomial Regression Nasir Saleem Dr Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
299Bayesian Estimation of Transmuted Power Function Distribution Hafiza AminaDr Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
300An Adaptive Almon Two-parameter Estimator for Distributed Lag Model in Presence of Heteroscedasticity of Unknown FormAmra YounasDr Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
301Performance of Buckley-James Estimator in Censored Linear ModelZainab Ejaz-ul-HassanDr Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
302Influential Diagnostics Using Almost Unbiased Ridge Estimator: A Simulation StudyMuhammad Zafar UllahMr. Shakeel AhmadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
303A Comparative study of Hierarchical Clustering Methods Malika Arshad Dr Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
304On the Number of Principal Components to be RetainedMariyam AsgharDr Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
305Applying GARCH Models with Fat Tailed Distributions Samina Shabbir Dr Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
306Detecting the Number of Examination Cheaters Using Randomized Response TechniqueShahid NawazDr Muhammad Ahmad ShahzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
307Restricted Least Squares with Heteroscedastic ErrorsAreena AjmalDr Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
308Developing Almost Unbiased Ridge Regression Estimator for the Inverse Gaussian Regression ModelHina NasirDr Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
309An Unbiased Cp Criterion of Multivariate Liu Estimators Musawara ShahzadDr Muhammad AmanullahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
310Analyze and Construct New Optimal Diallel Cross Designs Through Incomplete Block Designs Tehmina Bibi Dr Maqsooda ParveenM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
311Insightful Statistical Analysis of Nomination Papers: Case of General Election 2018 of PakistanMahnoor MustunsurDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
312 Statistical Review of the Results of 2018 General Elections of PakistanKazim AliDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
313Analysis of Gamma Regression Model using Bayesian Approximation TechniqueSyed Mohammad Usama AsimDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
314Forecasting Electricity Consumption in Pakistan Addressing the Issue of MulticollinearityMah Rukh TahirDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
315Construction of Generic Indices for Real Life ApplicationsFarheen HafsaDr. Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
316Gauging the Quality of Higher Education: Need and Significance in PakistanUrooj ZameerDr. Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
317Statistical Modeling for Identifying Risk Factors of Growth Faltering in Infants: A Cross Sectional Study from D.G. Khan, PakistanAqsa NasirMr. Shakeel AhmadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
318Identification of outliers in Multivariate DataGhazala Naz AkramDr. Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
319Why Statistics Should Get Recognized in Pakistan and How?Sania JavedDr. Mutahir IqbalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
320Adjusting Heteroscedastioity in Poisson Lognormal Regression Model Using Bayesian TechniquesAhmad Masood NawazDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
321Indentification of Multiple Influential Observations in Binary Response Model with Correlated RegressorsMuhammad DanishMr. Shakeel AhmadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
322Performance of some Influence Measures for Principal Components RegressionAyesha ShafiqueDr Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
323Using Principal Components for Estimating Multinomial Logistic Regression with High-Dimensional Multicollinear DataSehrish AslamDr Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
324Another Proposal for the New Two-Parameter Estimator of the Negative Binomial Regression ModelAyesha Khalid Dr Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
325Imputation methods for Nonignorable Missing Data in Sample SurveyMuhammad Hassam ZaighamDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
326Performance of Shrinkage Parameters in zero Inflated Poisson model with Modified Ridge EstimateMishal Zaman.Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
327Stein-Type Estimator for Poisson Regression ModelMuhammad AsifProf. Dr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
328Estimation of Road Trafic Accidents and Fatalities in Khanewal using Capture-Recapture Sampling MethodAhmad KhanProf. Dr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
329Statistical Investigation of Socioeconomic Impacts of Drug Abuse in MultanNoman Abdul QadirDr. Ahmad ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
330Comparison of Cyclic Shifts Method with Integer Programming Method to Construct Balanced Incomplete Block DesignAshir IdreesDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
331Bayesian Analysis of Autoregressive Model using Normal and Inverse Gamma PriorsIqra AkramDr. Maqsooda PerveenM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
332Use of Auxiliary Information in Indirect Questioning TechniquesMuhammad ShahzadDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
333Modified Liu Type Estimation for the Zero Inflated Negative Biuomial RegressionMaham JavedDr. Ahmad ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
334A New Class of Biased Estimators for the GLM: An Application in the Gamma Regression ModelMujahid IqbalProf. Dr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
335Bayesian Pairwise Comparison of Test Cricket Teams with Home Ground EffectJahangir SadiqDr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
336Quantitative Assessment of Human Capital Producing in Bahauddin Zakariya University, MultanSahar YasinDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
337A Comparative Study of K-Means Clustering Using the Different Distance MeasuresMaryam ChoudhryDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
338Height, Weight and BMI Percentiles and Nutrition Status of School Going Children of Multan DistrictZafar IqbalDr. Saima AfzalM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
339Sample Size problems in Systematic Random Sampling SchemesAbdul WaheedDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
340A New Biased Almon Estimator for the Distributed Lag ModelMuhammad AsgharDr. Muhammad Ahmed ShehzadM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
341Construct and Analysis of Optional Two Type Crossover Design for Five Carryover ModelsAneela Khalil Dr. Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
342Liu Estimate in zero Inflated Poisson Regression ModelSajjad QaisarAssistant Prof. Dr. Maqsooda ParveenM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
343A New Biased Estimator Based on Modified Ridge EstimationSidra RafiqueProf. Dr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
344Addressing Sample Selection Bias under Multicollinearity in Liner Regression ModelsAisha IqbalProf. Dr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
345Nonparametric Error Variance Estimation for Simple Random SamplingSyeda Zill e Huma BatoolDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
346Renovated Scatter Plots in Ridge Regression for Censored DataShehla KanwalDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
347Correcting Heteroscedasticity in a Poisson Lognormal Regression Model in Bayesian ParadigmAasma KanwalProf. Dr. Muhammad Aman UllahM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
348Leverage and Influence Measures for Independent Components RegressionRabia RafiqueDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
349Another Proposal of Biased Estimators: An Application in Inverse Gaussian Regression ModelMehak Arshad KhanDr. Saima AltafM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
350Use of Regression correlation Cofficient for the Predictive Power Evaluation of the Regression Model with HeteroscedasticitySadia ShafiqueDr Muhammad AslamM.PhilStatisticsEnglish
351Statistical Investigation of Determinants of Anemia Among Hostel Living Female Students: A Case Study from South Punjab, PakistanJaveria KhokharDr. Atif AkbarM.PhilStatisticsEnglish