Department:   Gillani Law College             |            Faculty:       Law
Sr.Research TitleScholar NameSupvervisorSessionCategorySubjectLanguage
1How Wrong Police Report Burdened Court and Affect Criminal TrialGhulam MustafaMr Rais Nauman Ahmad2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
2The Role of Procecution in Dispensation of Criminal Justice In PakistanHassan BilalDr Samza Fatima2017-2019LLMLAWEnglish
3Freedom of Religion in the Context of Forced ConversionMuhammad Shahid NaseemMuhammad Asif Safdar2016-2018LLMLAWEnglish
4Rights of Abandoned Children in PakistanSyed Abid Shah JillaniDR Rao Imran Habib2015-2017LLMLAWEnglish
5Conceptualization of International Commercial Arbitration in Prespectives of PakistanMirza Khurram BaigMuhammad Asif Safdar2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
6Abolishment of Capital Punishment and Alternative to it. Case study of Pakistani Law with International ContextAzeem KhatoonDr Rao Imran Habib2015-2017LLMLAWEnglish
7Recording of Electronics Evidence in Pursance of Fair Trial Current Development and Proposals to ReformsArslan ZafarDr Muhammad Bilal2018-2020LLMLAWEnglish
8Role of United Nations in the Settlement of Territorial Disputes A Prospective StudyMuhammad Muneeb RazaMuhammad Asif Safdar2015-2017LLMLAWEnglish
9Acheviments of Armed Forces Against terriorism and the Need of Twenty First Amendment and National Action PlanKhosh Nabi KhanMr Rais Nauman Ahmad2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
10Limited Libility Partnership Present & Future Prospects Case Study of US, UK < Malaysia & India.Aleem HaiderMS Naureen Akther2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
11Forced Marriages & Its Legal Treatment In PakistanZartasha NoorMr Rais Nauman Ahmad2016-2018LLMLAWEnglish
12Implementation of Womens Right to Life in Context of Honour KillingsJamshaid HussainDr Muhammad Bilal2015-2017LLMLAWEnglish
13A Reason of Failure of Investigation and Prosecution System of PakistanSyed Jaffar Hussain RizviDr Muhammad Bilal2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
14A Problem of Food Adulteration in Pakistan Measures for the Preventation and Its LimitationMuhammad Hairs MuneerDR Rao Imran Habib2014-2016LLmLAWEnglish
15The Admissibility of Digital Forensic Evidence Within the Context of Investigation Structure of PakistanSyed Faizan Ali BukhariMs Rashida Zahor2017-2019LLMLAWEnglish
16Informal Justice System A Novel Idea to Strengthen Judical System of PakistanSaba BashirDr Samza Fatima2017-2019LLmLAWEnglish
17Plea Bargain & Voluntarily ReturnSyed Saqib Hasan BukhariMr Rais Nauman Ahmad2015-2017LLMLAWEnglish
18Prejudicing Fair Trial Media A Case Study if PakistanNazia BanoDR Rao Imran Habib2017-2019LLMLAWEnglish
19Status of Testimony of Child Under Pakistani LawsSaba IshaqDR Faiz Baksh2016-2018LLMLAWEnglish
20Domestic Violence Legal Framework in PakistanMuhammad Umair AmjumDR Rao Imran Habib2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
21The Lead Framework of the PAK-China Relations in the Context of the ChinaMuhammad Hussain Raza MehdiDR Faiz Baksh2018-2020LLMLAWEnglish
22A Critical Study on Violation of Human Rights and Causing Irrecoverable Loss in PakistanFarrukh FareedMuhammad Asif Safdar2018-2020LLMLAWEnglish
23Religious Freedom of Minorities with special Refrence to PakistanAasma AslamMuhammad Asif Safdar2016-2018LLMLAWEnglish
24Inculcation of Modesty Code into the National Laws of PakistanKamal Ahmad BhattiMuhammad Asif Safdar2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
25Defamation Law and Media Freedom in PakistanAbdul QadeerMuhammad Asif Safdar2018-2020LLMLAWEnglish
26Failure of Pakistan in International Legal DisputesMehak AliDR Rao Imran Habib2018-2020LLMLAWEnglish
27Exploring the limits of Freedom of ExpressionRubia HafeezMr Rais Nauman Ahmad2016-2018LLMLAWEnglish
28Prevention and Control of White Collar Crimes in the legal System of PakistanFaisal Iqbal Khan RandhawaDR Rao Imran Habib2018-2020LLMLAWEnglish
29Tax Evasion and Crodaing of tax Base System in PakistanMirza Zafar IqbalMrs Naureen Riaz2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
30An Analytical Study of Right to Fair Trial in PakistanIftakhar HussainDr Naureen Akther2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
31The Rude Attitude of Punjab Police and its Impact on Society and JusticeGulfraz AhmadAhmed Nadeem Gahla2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
32Implementation of Alternative Disputes Resolution with the LitigationMuhammad Umair RazzaqMuhammad Kashan Malik2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
33Factor Affecting Corporate Social Responsibility An Empirical Study of Fertillizer add Power Generation Companies in Southren PunjabAbdul HameedAhmed Nadeem Gahla2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
34Case of Domestic Violence A Case Study of District LayyahShaikh Javed AktharAhmed Nadeem Gahla2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
35Regulation of Surrogacy under Islamic and Pakistani Laws Muhammad Arshad Mr Rais Nauman Ahmad2020-2022LLMLAWEnglish
36A Comparitive Study of Data Protection in Laws in PakistanMuhammad Junaid KhanMuhammad Asif Safdar2020-2022LLMLAWEnglish
37Role of Police Investigation in the Dispensation of Criminal Justice in PakistanMuhammad Ibraheem KhanDR Faiz Baksh2018-2020LLMLAWEnglish
38State Responsibility to provide free and Complusary Education to its Subjects in PunjabZahid Hussain KhanDr Muhammad Bilal2017-2019LLMLAWEnglish
39Is Securites and Exchange Comission of Pakistan an apex Reguator in Corporate Sector?Asma IqbalRashdeen Nawaz2006-2008LLMLAWEnglish
40Gender Discrimination in Pursuit of Fundamental Rights of Women A Case Study from Multan Muhammad IbrahimMS Naureen Akther2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish
41Scope of Suo Moto Power of Supreme Court of Pakistan Under Article 184(3) of the Constituation of PakistanSheikh Muhammad Yasir ZahoorDr Naureen Akther2013-2015LLMLAWEnglish
42The Role Sup Moto In Disensation of JusticeMuhammad Wasif HussainDR Rao Imran Habib2017-2019LLMLAWEnglish
43Critical Analysis of Enviourmental Laws in Pakistan Post 18 Amendment EraWajiha ZainabDr Naureen Akther2020-2022LLMLAWEnglish
44Fundamental Rights and Access to clean Drinking Water in PakistanHamda KhakwaniDr Muhammad Danyal Khan2020-2022LLMLAWEnglish
45The Placement of Various Modes of Alernate Dispute Resolution in Contemporary Pakistani Legal SystemMuhammad MobashirMr Rais Nauman Ahmad2013-2015LLMLAWEnglish
46Intervention of Courts in Arbitration Proceddings Problems and ProspectsMuhammad Aitazaz LatifDR Rao Imran Habib2018-2020LLMLAWEnglish
47Overlapping Between Asylum and Extradition Theory and Practics in PakistanFiaz HussainDR Faiz Baksh2018-2020LLMLAWEnglish
48An Inquiry into the Prevalling corporate governance of Pakistan with sprcial refrence to takeovers and floatingAli NawazDR Faiz Baksh2016-2018LLMLAWEnglish
49Cyber Warfare and international law A Criminal Analysis of Jus-AD-Bellum and JUS-IN-Bello in CyberspaceHaider Ali WahlaMuhammad Asif Safdar2017-2019LLMLAWEnglish
50The Establishment of Military Courts in the Context of Ethos of Independent Judicial System in PakistanMaryum Zahra GilaniMr Rais Nauman Ahmad2017-2019LLMLAWEnglish
51Corporate Veil A Tool for Legal FraudMian Muhammad BilalDr Naureen Akther2014-2016LLMLAWEnglish