Catalogue of IOL- Political Science & International Relations Section

Sr.NoAccession NoCall NoAuthor TitlepublisherPlace of Publication Year publisherEditionpageShelf noISBN
178484-pol364.1 kha-cAbdul Hafeez Khan The Conspiracies Against Pakistan and the women in the lives of politicians Royal book Karachi19911st 1451969-407-125-9
2722-ir211.6 cha-bNeera Candhoke Beyond Secularism The Rights of Religious Minoritiesoxford uinversity New Delhi 19991st 32110-19566253-9
31018-pol270.82 vic-lBarbara victorThe Last Crusade Religion and the politics of misdirection British London20051st 31111-84119-955-9
454627-pol338.9 ols-r The Rise and decline of nations Yale university Presslondon19821st 27210-300-02307-3
5 601-pol297.197 -has-iSohail Hashmi Islamic Political Ethics oxford pressKarachi20031st 22710-19-579923-2
61155 -pol001.43 Tur-mKate L Turabian A Manual for writers of term papers, theses, and dissertations chigago presslondon19723rd16410-226-81618-4
72542 -pol320-you-sORAN r.Youngsystems of political sciencefoundation of modern New jersey19681st 113112-11-109876-54
8152-pol 954.9042-ila-wilahi bakhshwith the quaid-i-Azam during his last daysquaid I azam academykarachi 19782nd531
923551-pol341.23 lua-uEvan Luard The United Nations Macmillan pressTokyo 19791st 18710-333-23304-2
1089562-pol825 bhu-sFarhan Zaman Speeches before the security council zualifikhar ali Bhutto Airex pressLahore19641st 1711
11735-ir300 ple-wNigel plesants Wittgenstein and the idea of a critical social theory british librarycanada 19991st 21110-415-18953-5
1289592-pol825 bhu-sFarhan zaman Awakinging the people Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Airex pressLahore19992 vol2441
13553-pol342.5491-new-eK.J . Newman Essays on the constitution of pakistan National book foundation Rawalpandi 20001st 3951
1441414-pol320.5 iam-aAndrew GambleAn Introduction to modern social and politcal thoughtMacmillan pressHong Kong19811st 26410-333-27028-2
1536064- pol 302.3505 -dun-iDavid Dunkeriey The international yearbook of organization studies 1981Bitish libraryLondon19821st 30510-7100-0996-8
1615525-pol032 sip-wFrank Barnaby Sipri Yearbook 1977Almqvist and wiksellSweden 19771st 421191-22-00116-6
17113- pol300.72 muk-mParhta Nath MukherjiMethololgy in social research Saga publicationNew Delhi 20001st 26310-7619-9446-7
18967-pol300.72 sin-aRoyce singleton Apporaches to social Reserch oxford university New york 19993rd61810-19-510525-7
19875-pol182.7 sol-bRobert SolomonA short introduction to philosophy the big question Earl Mcpeek canada 20026th42610-534-16708-x
2080770- pol197 leh-oKeith LehrerThe opened curtain Westview pressMoscow19911st 30810-8133-1234-5
2147969-pol155.234 cla-pKenneth b.clark Pathos of powerHarper and Row New york 19731st 18810-06-010799-5
2220198-pol199.438 lie-bAndre Liebich Sovietica Between ideology and utopla Reidel publishing Boston194839 vol391190-277-0923-8
2347993-pol121 lor-bKonrad LorenzBehind the MirrorMethuen co ltdLondon19771st 25910-15-111699-7
2447992-pol121lor-bKonrad LorenzBehind the MirrorMethuen co ltdLondon19771st 25910-15-111699-7
2555360-pol320.02lin-aRichard Lindley Autonomy issues in political theory Macmillan pressHong kong19861st 19810-333-36792-8
2662479-pol123.5 lin-aRichard Lindley Autonomy issues in political theory Macmillan pressHong kong19861st 19810-333-36793-6
2761199-pol158.8 wns-pCal w downs Professional Interviwing Harperand RowSydney 19801st 43210-06-041736-6
288962-pol181.097 hal-pdr Halepota Philosophy of shah waiullah Sind sagar academy Lahore 19781st 2621
298963-pol181.097hal-pdr Halepota Philosophy of shah waiullah Sind sagar academy Lahore 19781st 2621
30873-pol181.097bow-tG Lee bowieTwenty questions an introduction to philosophy Thomson and wadsworth usa20045th82510-534-60489-7
3147981-pol060.970 mcd-dDonna Mcdonald Historical societies and agencies, in the united states and canadaAmerican association stateusa197811th47310-910050-36-8
3234572-pol301.4492 zar-e William Zartman Elites in the middle eastPraeger PublisherNew york 19805th25110-03-055961-8
3342808-pol301 tay-wCharles lewis taylor word handbook of politcal and social indicators yale university pressTokyo 19752th44310-300-01555-0
3477466-pol070.4354 naj-rNajamul HasanReporting India and her neighbours ManoharNew Delhi 19891st 3391
3548688-pol070.175 hox-pGordon Hoxie Presidential studies quarterly vermountpress198616th1871
3615448-pol184 gar-pWilliam Gracy Plato,s Republic and dialoguesclose notesLondon 19681st 2091
3715449-pol184 gar-pWilliam Gracy Plato,s Republic and dialoguesclose notesLondon 19681st 2091
38594-pol001.3 sdp-sSaba gul khatakSustainable DevelopmentOxford pressKarachi2005vol 129510-19-597978-8
39595-pol001.3 sdp-sSaba gul khatakSustainable DevelopmentOxford pressKarachi2005vol 229510-19-597998-2
4031971-pol297.1977 moh-pMuhammad AyoobThe Politics of islamic Reassertion Croom HelmLondon19811st 29810-7099-0339-1
41 37973-pol060.54 ben-rBanno UmerRegional Cooperation for develpomentAll Rights ReservedNebraska19741st 1861
42739-ir301.01 woo-vAnthony woodiwissThe visual in social theory The Athlone pressLondon20011st 22210-8264-7877-8
4329503-pol301.592 tap-pTed TapperPolitcal Education and Stability John wiley and sonsLondon19761st 26510- 471- 01361- 7
4447476-pol025.17 sid-pAkther H . SiddiquiPakistan Government publicationsMirza mohammad sadiqLahore198110th971
4579623-pol003 ple-nGeraid hopple, National Security crisis forecasting and management Westview pressusa1980vol 320910-86531-913-8
4680772-pol016.6592 pas-pAnne PassarelliPublic Relations In business government and society Libraries unlimited Coloredo 19891st 12910-87287-741-8
4747460-pol060.42 kee-mRay E.Keesey Modern parliamentary procedure Nooble books New york 19841st 17610-06-463592-9
4886100-pol320.072 man-eJarol manheim Emprirical political analysis reserch methood in political science Longman preesToronto 19613rd39910-8013-0407-5
4979575-pol001.43361 mon-sMonte PalmerSurvey reserch in the arab world an analytical index19821st37910-906559-08-1
501027-pol172.2 Tan-Jkok-Chor tan Justice without bordersPress Cape Town 20041st21910-521-83456-6
5183777-pol010.42 Maq-DMaqbool Ahmad choudhary Descriptive biblography of book bank Mughni Publishers Multan19941st2071
5283775-pol010.42 Maq-DMaqbool Ahmad choudhary Descriptive biblography of book bank Mughni Publishers Multan19941st2071
5383773-pol010.42 Maq-DMaqbool Ahmad choudhary Descriptive biblography of book bank Mughni Publishers Multan19941st2071
5483774-pol010.42 Maq-DMaqbool Ahmad choudhary Descriptive biblography of book bank Mughni Publishers Multan19941st2071
55983-ir001.3 fus-cPatrick FueryCultural studies and critical theoryOxford university pressVictoria20002nd23010-19-551294-4
56130828-pol322 ame-cCharles W DunnAmerican political theology Preager publishersNew york 19841st19510-03-071844-9
5754629-pol515.42954 meh-ivp menonintegration on the indian statesOrient longman ltdHyderabad 19691st527186131-466-2
5834537-pol320 bro-rA lee Brown jrRules and conflict an introduction to political life and its study Caravan books publisherNew jersey19811st36710-13-783738-0
5954622-pol320 bha-wpvsm,veWielding of authorityin emerging countries Dhawan printing worksNew Delhi 19861st1101
6064669-pol248 mcg-cBernard mcginnChristian spirtuality origins to the twelfth centuryRoutledge and kegan paulUsa19861st50210-7102-0927-4
6133539-pol297 smi-dWilfred cantwell smithon uderstancing islamMouton publishers Paris 19811st352190-279-79871-1
6210997-pol297 iqb-cAfzal iqbal The culture of islam the classical period M.Ashraf DarrLahore 19741st2661
6331904-pol297 kri-wJames kritzeckThe World of islam Books for libraries usa19801st37318369-9259-8
642666-pol016.3210 pat-gPatrick WilsonGovernment and politics of india and pakistanPak book operation usa19561st3561
6532400-pol294.5 mac-hPrabhakar machwe Hinduism its contribution to science and civilisationvikas publishing House pvt New Delhei19791st14810-7069-0805-8
6636066-pol297 ros-cFranz Rosenthal The Classical heritage in islam Nadeem book houseKarachi19751st29810-7100-7864-1
6747900-pol301.34 bro-uBlaine A. brownellThe urban ethos in the south 1920-1930Louisiana state university usa19751st23810-8071-0157-5
6853393-pol297.12 qur-qM.m qureshiQuranic ayaat containing referces to science and technologypakistan science foudationGujrat19871st881
6964090-pol297.6 hai-oHaider MehdiOrganization of the islamic conferences oicProgressive publishers Lahore19881st2081
7041381-pol297.4 afr-mA.E AffifiThe mystical philosophy of muhyid din ibnul arabiSh. Muhammad Ashraf Lahore19791st2131
71481-pol297.3 mal-iDr. Iftikhar h malikIslam, globalisation and modernityVangurad books pvt ltdLahore20041st3031
7231900-pol297.1977 moh-pMuahammd AyoobThe Politics of islamic Reasseration Great britain limitedLondon19812nd29810-7099-0339-1
73874-pol292.13 har-cStephen HarrisClassical mythology images and insights Mayfield publishing companyToronto 20013rd108610-7674-1549-3
7436449 -pol297.9 muh-sMuhammad iqbalThe story of Muslim politics Aziz publishersLahore19821st3241
7536077-pol297.9 muh-sMuhammad iqbalThe story of Muslim politics Aziz publishersLahore19821st3241
7631587-pol297 anw-iAnwar aliIslam ideology and leading issuesPublishers united Ltd.Lahore19781st2351
7741382-pol297.4 afr-mA.E AffifiThe mystical philosophy of muhyid din ibnul arabiM.Ashraf DarrLahore19791st1991
7862565-pol297.9 wel-iAnita M WeissIslamic Reassertion in PakistanVangurad books pvt ltdLahore 19871st1461
7934994-pol297.9 lin.wMartin lings What is islamA Mandala books Lahore1st1391
8034996-pol297.1978 kho-iImam KhomeiniIsalm and Revolution Mizan press , berkeleyLahore19811st46010-933782-03-9
81615-pol297.3 ful-fGraham e. FullerThe future of political islamPalgrave macmillanNew york 20031st22611-4039-6556-0
82680-ir292-2092 esp.mJohn o voll Makers of contermporary islam Oxford university pressNew york 20011st25710-19-514127-8
8344807-pol297.321 man-lDr. Manzooruddin ahmedIslamic political system in the modern age theory and practiceSaad publication Karachi19831st3571
8446624-pol297.9 tar.iTara chand Influence of islam on indian cultureMasood printers Lahore19791st3221
8574271-pol297.321 man-lDr. Manzooruddin ahmedIslamic political system in the modern age theory and practiceLaureate packagesKarachi19831st3571
8634558-pol297 ahm-rAhmad a. glawashThe religion of islamSindhu press, Lahore19781st3641
8732554-pol297.2 gol-lIgnaz goldziherIndrodution to islamic theology and lawprinceton university pressNew jersey19811st2971
8819048-pol297.14 tan-cDr, Tanzil-ur-RahmanA code of muslim rersonal lawHamdard academyKarachi19781st7751
89749-ir297.3327 lsp-rSaad,s khanReasserting inernational islam Oxford pressKarachi20011st36010-19-579411-7
9020982-pol 320.5491 kgiDr. miss yousfTowards a tri-polar worldTariq publishing pressLahore19751st1411
911250-pol341.232 jac-dPhilip jacob The dnyamics of iternational organization The dorsey pressusa19651st 7231
92471-ir 327 jac-lRobert jacksonIntroduction to international relations Oxford PressSomerset19991st29410-19-878195-4
9384088-pol338.95127 kle-cRobert Kleinbregchina,s opening to the outside world Oxford pressSummertown19901st27710-8133-7904-0
9468465-pol320.938 fin-pM. i. FinleyPolitics in the ancient world Cambridge pressMelbourne 19831st15110-521-40673-0
95289-pol 337.15491 nad-pAzhar Hassan NadeemPakistan the political economy of lawlessnessoxford pressKarachi20021st37510-19-579621-7
96177-pol320.15 kra-sStephen KrasnerSoverigenty organized hypocrisyprinceton university pressNew jersey19991st26110-691-00702-0
9788664-pol340.1 bhu-cZulifikar Ali bhuttoCommitment to historyAgha amir hussainLahore19681st381
9847976-pol155.234 cla-pKenneth b.clark Pathos of powerHarper and Row London19751st187106-131857-4
9964085-pol297.6 moh-kMuhammad barakatullahThe KhilafetRepublication booksLahore 19891st971
10034993-pol297 far-lIsmail raji al faruqiIslam and the problem of isrel Islamic coucul of europeLondon19801st11410-907163-02-5
101355-pol273.11 smi-uB.c smith Understanding third world politicsPalgrave macmillanNew york 20032nd31010-333-98653-9
10230045-pol297.9 alt-cAltaf GauharThe challenge of islamIslamic coucul of europeLondon19781st38510-906041-03-1
10330063-pol297.9 ice-mSaleem azamThe Muslim world and the future economic orderIslamic coucul of europeLondon19791st38310-906041-09-0
1044743-pol301.15433 Lan-pRobert lanePublic Opinionfoundation of modern New jersey19641st1201
10569103-pol297.0954 bai-rRobert D. BairdReligion in modern indiaManohar PublicationsNew Delhi 19892nd501181-85054-64-9
10631992-pol297.9095 abd-bSyed abdul latif Bases of islamic culture Islamic book serviceHyderabad 19791st2351
10713749-pol297.61 ras-rLieut colonel k.a. RashidRe-Evalutiuon of islamic thought and othet essays Universal book serviceLahore19751st1951
108327-pol327.9 Lig-pNorman j, vigPolitics in advanced nations modernization development and changePrentice hall, inc.New jersey19741st60210-13-684522-3
10944809-pol340459-man-iDr, Manzooruddin AhmedIslamic political system in the modern age theory and practiceSaad publication Karachi19831st3551
11033575-pol301.59520ant-aThoms j, antonAdministered politics elite political culture in swedenMartinus nijhoff publishing London19731st 20310-89898-025-1
111668-pol297.3204 lew-pBernard Lewis The political language of islam Mas pinters Karachi20021st 16810-19-579782-5
11226075-pol301.15308 sto-hRalph m, stogdillHandbook of leadership Macmillan pressLondon 19741st61110-02-931660-x
11323554-pol301 rub-sRubington martin s, weinbergThe study of social problems Oxford university pressNew york 19772nd24810-19-502146-0
11420231-pol301.6333 lut-uWillaiam lutz On Revolution Winthorp publishersCambridge19711st34410-87626-628-6
11592061-pol297.320 ish-uIshtiaq Husain QureshiUlema in politics Ma,aref limited pressKarachi1st4321
116715-ir060.54 reh-pRehman sobhanPromoting cooperation in south asiaMohiuddin ahmed pressDhaka20041st961984-05-1730-9
117725-ir297.3940 kla-iJytte KlusenThe islamic challengeOxford pressNew york 20051st24610-19-928992-1
11832407-pol297 alf-tAlfred Guillaume m,aThe Traditions of islamAbul-maali pressLahore19791st1821
11951370-pol342.730418 rou-mPeter roweMilitary intervention in democratic societiesCroom HelmWishgton19851st31210-7099-2241-8
1204900-pol320.1 waf-mSidney r, waldmanFoundations of political actionSimultaneouslyusa19721st2561
12121014-pol341.23 nic-uH,g NicholasThe United Nations as a political institutionOxford pressNew york19751st25610-19-285072-5
12226033-pol301.29 pee-cPeter peetersCan we aviod a third world war around 2010The macmillan presslondon 19791st26610-333-25928-9
12330069-pol301.6333 tur-rBen TurokThe Revolutionary thought in the 20 th centuryzed press london19801st31310-905762-42-8
124225-pol320 whi-pLouise g, white Political analysis techniaue and practiceHarcourt brace college New york19944th42710-15-505522-4
12534568-pol297.1977 cud-iAlexander cudsiislam and powerOxford presslondon19811st19610-7099-0710-9
12627539-pol301.1553 pal-sRichard marjorieThe scientific study of political leadershipMacmillan pressusa19771st41410-02-923630-4
12765283-pol297 abu-iSyed abdul Hassan najmeeIslamic Legal theory and the orintalalistsPremier printersLahore19891st1911
128602-pol297.197 has-iSohail Hashmi Islamic political ethics oxford pressNew york20021st22710-19-57992-5
12927546-pol297.9 jan.mG.h jasternMiltant islamThe chaucer presslondon19791st22510-330-25950-4
13074275-pol297.321 man-lDr, Manzooruddin AhmedIslamic political system in the modern age theory and practiceRoyal book Karachi19831st3571
13119361-pol297.9 has-oMeer hassan aliObeservations on the mussulmauns of india oxford university pressNew york 19781st44210-19-577125-7
13232685-pol297.5 mal-gCharles malik God and man in contemporary islamic thoghtprinted in Beirut, lebanonusa19671st20710-75-131224
133878-pol320.954 kin-sDamien kingsburysouth east asia a political profileoxford pressMelbourne 20051st44410-19-551003-8
13421959-pol301.32 ler-pMarcel leroy Population and world politics printed in Belgiumlondon19784th142190-2070744-2
13515543-pol341.23 nai-cM V NaiduCollection Security and the united nations Macmillan pressNew york19751st1631333-17852-1
13636044-pol327.07 ken.sR.c kent The study and teaching of international Relations Nichols publishing co,New york19801st 35710-903804-52-2
1371048-pol301.63705 lea-sE.r LeachAspects of caste in south india, ceylon and north-west pakistan Cambridge university pressNew york19601st14810-521-09664-2
138679-ir200.954 mal-rJamal Malik and Helmut Religious pluraism in south asia and europeOxford pressNew Delhi 20051st3171019-566975-4
13988025-pol297.1 cha-iAttar chand islam and the new world orderAkashdeep publishing New Delhi 19921st379181-7158-281-8
1402682-pol142 mas.sBrian mastersSarte a study Heinemann london New jersey19741st 8210-435-37581-4
14123553-pol301.31 mon-pJohn d, MontgomeryPatterns of policyTransaction books New jersey19791st34510-87855-269-3
1425700-pol320.4 mee-dEugene j, MeehanThe dnyamics of modern governmentMcgraw kogakuha, LtdMexico19661st4281
14377124-pol297 att-iAttar chand Isalm and the new world orderAkashdeep publishing New Delhi 19921st379181-7158-281-8
14420229-pol301.633 par-tAlbert parryTerrorismSimultaneouslyusa19761st62510-8149-0746-6
14536021-pol301.592 som-dA.h somjeeThe democratic process in a developing societyMacmillan pressNew york19791st16810-333-26778-8
14630461-pol301.592 som-dA.h somjeeThe democratic process in a developing societyMacmillan pressNew york19791st16810-333-26778-8
14730071-pol301.41209 sme.pAgnes smedleypor in traits Revo of lu-ch tion nese wom-enThe Feminist pressNew york19761st20310-912670-44-4
14828487-pol301.4492 car-eAnthony carterElite politics in rural india Cambridge university pressLondon19731st20710-521-20366-x
14921951-pol300.8-har-lOwen HarriesLiberty and politics studies in social theoryToppan printing pressSingapore 19761st15210-08-020927-0
15047940-pol301.43 buc-rJoseph c Buckley The Retirement handbook Harper and Row presslondon19745th 357106-463366-7
15130459 -pol 301.592 BRY.IMulkay.j.mControversies in Sociology George allen and unwinSydney 19801st8710-04-322005-3
152859-ir149.943 MAT-LMathews.P.H Linguistics Oxford uiversity pressKarachi20051st13210-19-547096-6
1537256-pol301.592 hir-vHerbert HirschVioence as politicsHarper and row publihsersNew york19731st26210-06-042834-1
15447971-pol301.45909 bro-tLeonard broom Transformation of the Negro AmericanHarper and row publihsersNew york19651st2091
155639-pol341.23 zir-uJack planoThe united nations iternational organization and world politicsWadsworth thomson New york20003rd55210-15-507865-8
15684057-pol306.2097 blu-yJohn morton blumyears of Discord american politics and society w.w norton and companyNew york19911st53010-393-02969-7
157114577-pol297 gra-bGrace M. jantzenBecoming divine towards a feminist philosophy of ReligionManchester pressGlasgow19981st29610-7190-5355-2
15871626-pol303.34 gar.oJohn w. gardnerOn leadershipThe free pressNew york19901st22010-02-911311-3
15929533-pol920 zia-mMain zia ud din Memoirs of a pakistan diplomatuniversity book agency Lahore 19761st3981
16037989-pol967 sch-aHarold k, schneiderThe afaicans an ethnological accountEnglewood cliffs pressNew jersey19811st27810-13-018648-1
16113890-pol301.09 cho-sLutful haq chSocial change and development Pak book operation Lahore19731st2581
1624745-pol301.1 bar-pAlec BarbrookPatterns of political BehaviourThe pitman press, bathLondon19731st20910-85520-050-2
163299-pol299 soc-hPakistan bible societyThe great bibleBible SocietyLahore19931st104510564-00356-5
16441423-pol031.02 WAL-PDavid WallechinskyThe People ,s ALAMANACBATAM RACK SIZEToronto 19811ST72210-553-20924-8
16537-POL320 BRA-CRodney brazier constitutional reform OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESSLondin19982nd19710-19-876523-1
16636054-POL297.9 SWA-SMerlin L.Swartzstudies on ISLAMOXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESSAmerica19811ST28410-19-502717-5
1671529-pol220 OXF-BTHE BIBLE SOCIETYTHE BIBLEOxford university pressLondon1993AUTHORIZED EDITION100710-564-01191-6
16830070-Pol301.633 tur.rBen TurokRevolutionary thought in the 20th centurezed press London19801st31310-905762-42-8
16913899-pol301.25 foq.aRaymond d, fogelsonThe anthropology of powerAcademic pressNew york19771st42910-12-267880-6
17028696-pol301.630 hol-sCarsten holbraadSuperpowers and international conflictThe macmillan pressLondon19791st17910-333-25814-2
17132382-pol301.4470 mun-aFarid A. munaThe Arab executive The macmillan pressLondon19801st15510-333-29119-0
172304464-pol301.592 ver-pSidney verbaPartigipation and political equalityCambridge uni pressLondon19781st38710-51-29721-4
17331972-pol297.1977 moh-pMohammad AyoobThe politics of islmaic reassertion Croom HelmLondon19811st29810-7099-0339-1
1757067-POL904.75054 MAX-INATIONAL BOOK FOUNDATIONINDIA,S CHINA WARShirkat Printing PressLahore19712ND50110-224-61887-3
17634576-Pol297.3012 Dya-iMarmaduke PickthallISLAMIC CULTUREDYAL SINGH LIBRARYLAHORE19282VOL6451
17733565-Pol301.592 Sch-LJohn H.SchaarLegitimacy in the Modern Statetarsaction booksNew Jersey19811st35910-87855-337-1
178539-Pol301.592 MEH-CFred R.von MehdenComparative Political violencePrentice hall, inc.Englewood cliffs19731st12410-13-153981-7
17911005-pol954.42 GRI-PLepel H.GriffinTHE History of the Principle states of the Punjab and their Political british GovernmentPanco pressLahore19762nd6301
1844417-pol297.5491 ish-cAziz ahmad Contributions to asian studiesMirza book agenceyNetherland19712vol1031
18531588-pol297 kri-w Sahibzada anwar ali Islam ideology and leading issuesUinted limited publisherLahore19781st2321
18674289-pol297.6 meh-lHaider mehdiOrganization of the islamic conferences oicProgressive publishers Lahore19881st 2081969-8064-02-8
18732381-pol297 gha-oMuhammad al-ghazzaliOur beginning in wisdomOctagon BooksNew york 19755th14510-374-90114-7
18888031-pol297.2 net-aLan Richard NettonAllah Transcendent BPC WHEATONS LTDENGLAND19941st38317007-0287-3
18970117-POL300.723 TES-EMark A.Tessler monte palmerThe Evalution and Application of Survey Research of Survey Research in the AAB WORLDwestview pressLondon19871ST29010-8133-0023-1
19031993-pol297.90954 adb-bSyed abdul latif Bases of islamic culture Islamic book serviceLahore19791st2341
19127450-pol297.06 iic-kDr. M.A KhanInternational islamic confereceislamic reserch centerislamabad19701st1451
19226078-pol 297 bro-iKhurshid Ahmad Islam in the modern world Publishers united Ltd.Lahore19752nd3211
19381793-pol297.24 cha-mBig GulzerMuhammad and his contitutional charterPap borad printersRawalpandi 19751st2721
19447997-pol301.15 you-sLouise b, young Science and public policyOceana publications ltdNew york19711st63110-379-00332-5
19547998-pol301.15 you-sLouise b, young Science and public policyOceana publications ltdNew york19711st63110-379-00332-5
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