Department:   History & Civilization Studies           |            Faculty:       Arts & Social Sciences
Sr.TopicScholar NameSupervisersessionCategoryLanguageSubject
1Socio-Cultural History of MankeraM.SaqlainDr. Yasir Ali2020-22M.PhilEnglishHistory
2Resonance of Pakistani diaspora in Homland the role of Toaha QureshiKamal Khan MiraniDr. Muhamad Shafique2020-22M.PhilEnglishHistory
3Socio-Political and Education Developments of Dist. KharanAitzaz Ahsan Dr. Muhamad Shafique2019-21M.PhilEnglishHistory
4Socio-Political and Development in Tehsil JahanianAqsa AshiqDr. Turab-ul-Hassan2019-21M.PhilEnglishHistory
5Role of Buzdar Tumandars in the Socio-Political and Economic development of tehsil Tribal Area of D.G. KhanM. Sadeeq Dr. Muhammad Shafique2019-21M.PhilEnglishHistory
6Evolution of Public Security Bureau in China from 1983-2020Shan Muhammad Dr. Muhammad Shafique2019-21M.PhilEnglishHistory
7Life and thoughts of Maulana Ubaid Ullah SindhiM. Shoaib WakilMr. Rehan Iqbal2019-21M.PhilEnglishHistory
8Muhammad Ali Jinnah and South PunjabM. Akhtar Dr. Yasir Ali2019-21M.PhilEnglishHistory
9International Corriolor at Kartarpur Sahib Impect on Indo-Pak. RelationsM. Azhar Dr. Farheen Altaf2018-20M.PhilEnglishHistory
10Socio-Political role of Gardezi Family in MultanSajid Maqsood Dr. Muhammad Shafique2018-20M.PhilEnglishHistory
11Tehsil Administration of Muzaffargarh during colonial period 1849-1947Gulshan IqbalDr. Muhammad Shafique2018-20M.PhilEnglishHistory
12Historiography of Civilization during 20th CenturyAasia IjazDr. Muhammad Shafique2016-18M.PhilEnglishHistory
13Concept of History in the works of Sultan BahooMudassir AyubDr. Muhammad Shafique2016-18M.PhilEnglishHistory
14Educational development a case study of tehsil Khanewal 1985-2010Muhammad ZubairDr. Farheen Altaf2015-17M.PhilEnglishHistory
15Oxford's School of Historiograhy of Muslims in Indian Sub-Contionent 1940-1958Aimana SiddiqaDr. Muhammad Shafique2017-19M.PhilEnglishHistory
16Socio- Economic development of Sibi District. 1903-1947Areena LuniDr. Muhammad Shafique2017-19M.PhilEnglishHistory
17The Political role of Legari Family in Pakistan the case of FemaleMuhammad Shahid HussainDr, Turab-ul-Hassan2018-20M.PhilEnglishHistory
18Contribution of Kanju Family District Lodhran in Parliamentary Politics 1947-2018Farhat NazDr. Yasir Ali2018-20M.PhilEnglishHistory
19Historiography of British Empire Commonwealth 1947-1997Alisha Ishtiaq Dr. Muhammad Shafique2018-20M.PhilEnglishHistory
20Women and Political development in Colonial Punjab 1849-1947Noshaba Nawaz Dr. Farheen Altaf2018-20M.PhilEnglishHistory
21Socio-Political and literary contribution of M. Hanif Ramay 1930-2006Muhammad RiazDr. Turab-ul-Hassan2017-19M.PhilEnglishHistory
22Social Integration of Shia Migrants in Distt. Jhang 1947-1970Zawar Muhammad Ali ShahDr. Muhammad Shafique2017-19M.PhilEnglishHistory
23Political Administration of Punab under the British East India Company 1849-1857Arshad Ali Dr. Turab-ul-Hassan2016-18M.PhilEnglishHistory
24Lagacy of British Civilization in Multan distt. 1849-1947Mehwish Yaqoob Dr. Muhammad Shafique2016-18M.PhilEnglishHistory
25The Role of Minoritics in the development of Layyah Distt. 1947-2017Humara Umbreen Dr. Farheen Altaf2016-18M.PhilEnglishHistory
26Treatment of Muslim History in Ilyas sitapuris worksZain-ul-AbdinMr. Rehan Iqbal2016-18M.PhilEnglishHistory
27Role of Religious families in social life of Multan A comparative study of Qureshi, Makhdoom and GilaniAsmat Riaz Dr. Muhammad Shafique2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
28Role of Muslim in anglo sikhs wars of PunjabKhuram Majeed Dr. Turab-ul-Hassan2016-18M.PhilEnglishHistory
29Female Education in Multan during British time1849-1947Javeria Hussain Dr. Turab-ul-Hassan2016-18M.PhilEnglishHistory
30Curricultion development during the period of east India Company from 1761-1857Amber Kanwal Dr. Farheen Altaf2015-17M.PhilEnglishHistory
31Tribal conflict and politics in district Rajan Pur 1982-2016Ahsan SattarDr. Muhammad Shafique2015-17M.PhilEnglishHistory
32Western concept of nationalism and discourse of muslim identity in British IndiaBabar RashidDr. Muhammad Shafique2015-17M.PhilEnglishHistory
33The Role of Sufis in the social life of Dera Ghazi KhanShoaib ManzoorDr. Farheen Altaf2016-18M.PhilEnglishHistory
34The Relationship of philosophy and mysticism in Shah Wali Allah's thought Nasir Ali Mr. Rehan Iqbal2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
35Munshi Abdul Rehman's depiction of socio-cultural life in Multan Muhammad AsgharDr. Farheen Altaf2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
36Dr. Israr Ahmad and historical functionality of the concept of Khilafat2014-16MeSajjad AhmadDr. Muhammad Shafique2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
37Zulfqar Ali Bhutto and Regional Politics in PakistanBenish BibiDr. Farheen Altaf2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
38Educational development in Layyah during British peried 1847-1947Atia tul ZahraDr. Farheen Altaf2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
39Socio-Economics and political development of Sialkot District 1849-1947Naila RehmanDr. Muhammad Shafique2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
40Internal dynamics of Pakistan people party 1967-1996Abdul Rasheed Dr. Turab-ul-Hassan2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
41Begum Wali Khan as Politicion Said SalamDr. Turab-ul-Hassan2015-17M.PhilEnglishHistory
42Concept of History in urdu Novels a comparative study of Mustansar Hussain tarar and Abdullah Hussain Mahwish Saleem Rehan Iqbal2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
43Regional dynamics of China Pakistan Economic corridor CPEC the case of Gilgit BaltistanGohar Ali IftikharDr. Muhammad Shafique2015-17M.PhilEnglishHistory
44Concept of History in modern urdu Nazm a case study of Noon Meem RashidMuhammad Ali IqbalMr. Rehan Iqbal2015-17M.PhilEnglishHistory
45Subaltern themes and theories of HistoriographyJalal BoheirDr. Muhammad Shafique2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
46Role of Gillani's Family Educational developmet of Multan 1947-1972Humaira ShameerDr. Farheen Altaf2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
47Role of Makhdoom Families in the politics of Rahim Yar Khan1947-1990Farzana Kousar Dr. Khalil Ahmad 2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
48Socio-Economic and political developent of tehsil Khanewal during British PeriedShabana NaeemDr. Muhammad Shafique2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
49Educational development in Rajan Pur Distt. 1982-2015Mahwish BashirDr. Farheen Altaf2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
50Sicio political and educational development in Lodhran from 1992-2016Mamoona IqbalDr. Turab-ul-Hassan2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
51Social political and economic development in ShujabadArfa IsmailDr. Muhammad Shafique2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
52Tombs and Shrines of District LayyahKalsoom BibiDr. Farheen Altaf2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
53History of Khan GarhMuhammad Khalid Dr. Muhammad Shafique2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
54Socio-Economic and political development of Jhang during British Peried 1849-1947Shabana Yasin Dr. Turab-ul-Hassan2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
55Multan under Ranjeet SinghAbdul Sattar Dr. Muhammad Shafique2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
56Multan and the war of Independence 1857Sajeda Arshad Dr. Farheen Altaf2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
57China Pakistan economic corridor CPEC and South Punjab Saleem SikandarDr. Muhammad Shafique2014-16M.PhilEnglishHistory
58Formation of culture and ethnic identity in Dera Ghazi Khan a case study of Dera Ghazi Khan town from 1910 total todateFarrukh FaheemDr. Muhammad Shafique2012-14M.PhilEnglishHistory
59Socio-Cultural and political development of Tehsil JamPur 1947-2008Umad-Uddin Farooqi Dr. Abdul Rashid Khan2012-14M.PhilEnglishHistory
60Socio-Economic and political development of Kabirwala during British period 1849-1947Nazia ParveenDr. Muhammad Shafique2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
61Role of China in new world order 1990-2010Abdul BasitDr. Farheen Altaf2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
62RussianAfghan war and its impact on global politicsHamida FatimaDr. Humaira Arif Dasti2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
63Moderan Historiography of MultanMuhammad FarazDr. Muhammad Shafique2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
64Contribution of Christian Missions in the fields of health and education in MultanMuhammad Imran TariqDr. Farheen Altaf2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
65British policy towards the princily states and its impact on Pakistan 1947-50Asif AbbasDr. Abdul Rashid Khan2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
66Muslim response to english language under British rule 1849-1947Muhammad SafdarDr. Farheen Altaf2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
67Gandh's political thought and his impact on british indian politicsMuhammad Ashraf Dr. Abdul Rashid Khan2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
68Syed Ameer Ali as an HistorianNaheed AnwarDr. Farheen Altaf2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
69Muslim Historiography of the pious calphate in British India 1857-1947Shumaila FirdosMr. Rehan Iqbal2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
70Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's concept of IslamHajra SaleemMr. Rehan Iqbal2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
71Socio-Economic and cultural development in tehsil Mailsi 1849-2000Saima AminDr. Abdul Rashid Khan2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
72Historiography of Michel Foucault Sumaira MehboobMr. Rehan Iqbal2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
73Educational development in Multan during the British period 1849-1947Fatima AliDr. Muhammad Shafique2010-12M.PhilEnglishHistory
74Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's concept of HistoriographyFarhat ParveenDr. Abdul Rashid Khan2006-08M.PhilEnglishHistory
75British Historical writings on Pakistan 1958-1969Muhammad Shahzad Dr. Muhammad Shafique2005-07M.PhilEnglishHistory
76Tehsil Khan Pur a case study of its socio-political and economic development Zahida Parveen Sial Dr. Humaira Arif Dasti2005-07M.PhilEnglishHistory
77The Educational and cultural contribution of Begums of BhopalMaria YousafDr. Abdul Rashid Khan2005-07M.PhilEnglishHistory
78Socio-Political and economic development in District Muzafar Garh a case study 1881-1981Sohail Akhtar Sakhani Dr. Humaira Arif Dasti2005-07M.PhilEnglishHistory
79Ethnicity and political development in Pakistan the case of Vehari distt.Javaid Iqbal Dr. Muhammad Shafique2005-07M.PhilEnglishHistory
80A case study of socio-economic and political development in Distt. KhushabShaukat Raza Dr. Humaira Arif Dasti2005-07M.PhilEnglishHistory
81Maulana Mohammad Ali jouhar impect of the education and traning of Aligarh college on his personalitySamina Kausar Dr. Abdul Rashid Khan2005-07M.PhilEnglishHistory
82Organizational and functional structure of Muslim league 1906-1958Musarat BibiDr. Humaira Arif Dasti2005-06M.PhilEnglishHistory
83Muslim elite's approach towards socio-cultural issus 1886-1920Ahmad KhanDr. Abdul Rashid Khan2005-06M.PhilEnglishHistory
84Muslim response towards modern curriculum in British India 1857-1947Asfia TehseenDr. Abdul Rashid Khan2003-05M.PhilEnglishHistory
85Miss Fatima Jinnah an alternative leadership after Quaid-i-AzamAttiya KhanamDr. Abdul Rashid Khan2003-05M.PhilEnglishHistory
86Crisis in Afghanistan since 1988-2002Rabia Shaheen Dr. Humaira Arif Dasti2003-05M.PhilEnglishHistory
87Reflection of Indian Muslim Culture in the British travelogues 1800-1857Tasneem AkhtarDr. Muhammad Shafique2003-05M.PhilEnglishHistory
88The Social Base of the All India Muslim Educational Conference 1886-1906Azra Nasreen Dr. Abdul Rashid Khan2003-05M.PhilEnglishHistory
89British Bungling in the partition of India 1944-1947Musharaf AnwarDr. Abdul Rashid Khan2002-04M.PhilEnglishHistory
90Gender and superstitions in Pakistan a case study of Nelibar Master of philosophy in HistoryTameez -ur- Rehman Dr. Azra Asghar Ali2001-03M.PhilEnglishHistory
91Bartanvi ahid ka Dera Ghazi Khan siyasi samaji moashra 1849-1947Sabra NadeemDr. Humaira Arif DastiM.PhilUrduHistory
92Deni Madaras k mutaliq magrabi dunia k khudshat Shahid IqbalDr. Abdul Rashid KhanM.PhilUrduHistory
93Pakistan me obharty hoye siasi or moashi rojahanat or in k jayza Arshad Hussain DogharDr. Humaira Arif DastiM.PhilUrduHistory
94Baresaghir me urdu zamana sahafat ke tarveej or taraqi 1898-1980Musakhir TasneemDr. Azra Asghar AliM.PhilUrduHistory
95Jamia Qasim al aloom Multan tanzemi wo elmi jayzi 1947-2000Riaz AhmadDr. Abdul Rashid KhanM.PhilUrduHistory
96Punjab asambli me janobi punjab k siyasdano ka kerdar 1947-1958Zubaida HaneefDr. Humaira Arif DastiM.PhilUrduHistory
97Bartanvi ahid me multan ke siyasi wo intazami kaifiat 1849-1899Abida Kousar Dr. Humaira Arif DastiM.PhilUrduHistory
98Anjoman jamait islam or muslim khawateen ke samaje talemee taraqiShazia BanoDr. Azra Asghar AliM.PhilUrduHistory
99Pakistan me khawateen ke samaje ainnee qanoni siyasi haseyat Sajda ParveenDr. Azra Asghar AliM.PhilUrduHistory
100Pakistani khavateen ke sehit aama samaje wo eqtasadi tanazar meNadeem HussainDr. Azra Asghar AliUrduHistory
101Socio-political role of tiwanas in colonial punjab a case study of district Sargodha 1860-1947Muhammad Pervez Dr. Humaira Arif Dasti2010-14P.hd EnglishHistory
102Ethnicity and political development in Pakistan a case of district Dera Ghazi Khan 1970-2013Sohail Akhtar Sakhani Dr. Muhammad Shafique2012-17P.hd EnglishHistory
103Social Mobility in Pakistan a case study of Faisalabad 1947-2000Jehan Zeb KhanDr. Humaira Arif Dasti2006-11P.hd EnglishHistory
104Jinnah's concept of state administration and Pakistan's early administrative structure 1947-1958Attiya KhanamDr. Humaira Arif Dasti2006-11P.hd EnglishHistory
105land reforms in Pakistan and their impact on feudalism in Punjab 1947-77Sajida Parveen Dr. Humaira Arif Dasti2006-11P.hd EnglishHistory
106Administrative transformation in federally administered tribal Areas Fata 1947-2008Naghma Perveen Dr. Abdul Rashid Khan2006-11P.hd EnglishHistory
107Socio-Economic development in colonial district Multan 1849-1901Abida KausarDr. Humaira Arif DastiP.hd EnglishHistory