Department:   Commerce    |    Faculty:       Commerce, Banking & Business Administration
Sr.TitleScholar NameSupervisor YearCategoryLanguageSubject
1Simulation Augmented Busienss Education : A Case of PakistanMuhammad MasoodDr. Ibn Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Management
2Preliminary Insights on the Adoption of(IFRS for SME) in PakistanSumreen Atta DR. zeeshan Mahmood2015-17M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
3Decision Making Approach of Pakistani EntreprenuesHuma HassanDr. Ibn Hasan2015-17MSEnglish Entrepreunship
4Customers Participation in online shopping and Brand Co-CreationAisha Wahid Dr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
5The Role of Knowledge Sharing Process b/w Knowledge Management Muzaffar AhmadDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
6The Relationship between Finacial Wellness and Personal WellbeingGhulam AsgharDr. Ibn Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Fiance
7Financial Development and Economic GrowthAsma KanwalDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
8Impact of Basel III frameworks on Financial distress: Case of PakistanHafiz Muhammad WaqasDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
9Impact of Islamic Work Ethics and Job Attitude Faizan Raza Dr. Khawar Naheed2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
10Impact of Strategic Orientation on Firm PerformanceMuhammad IrshadMr. Adeel Akhtar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Management
11Diffusion of Optimistic and Pessimitic Investor SentimentsZahoor ul HaqMr. Muhammad Amir2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
12Impact of CSR Awards on Stock PricesMuhammad AmirDR. zeeshan Mahmood2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
13Impact of Job Stress on Organizational Commitment and job PerformanceMuhammad AsrarDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
14Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on brand PerformanceSamar ZamanDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
15The Role of Trust in Social Commerce Purchase Intention Bakhtawar KhanumDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
16Determinants of SME Lending in PakistanTayyaba KhursheedDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
17Capital Requirements lending and Deposit Bahaviors of BanksSakina NarmeenDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
18Corporate Governanace and Sustainability ReportingTahira KanwalDR. zeeshan Mahmood2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
19Leadership Behaviours and business performanceZuraiz ZafarMr. Saif Ullah Qureshi2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
20Variance Decomposition of Country Insdustry Firm and Firm YearMuhammad AnasDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
21Business cycle and Bank lending ProcyclicalityFouziaDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
22The Impact of high-performance work systems on BankingM Umer FarooqDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
23Determinants of Tax Compliance in PakistanSyed Haider ManzoorDr. Ibn Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
24Team Empowerment and Team PerformanceUbaidullah ShafiqueDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
25SME's Intention towards the adoption of Mobile MarketingMaimoona MalikDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
26The Relationship between corporate Environmental DisclosureAneela EjazDR. zeeshan Mahmood2015-17M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
27Corporate Governance and Working Capital Management Hussain MuneerDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
28Determinants of organic food purchase behaviorAyesha RehmanDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
29Corporate Governance and Bank Capitalization StrategicWaqas AhmadDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
30Institutional Factors Driving Corporate SustainabilityMuahammad Asad AliDR. zeeshan Mahmood2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
31Impact of Social Networking Sites (SNS) AdvertisementNayab BukhariDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
32Customer Satisfaction and Loyality in Pakistani Islamic BanksAli RazaMr. Saif Ullah Qureshi2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
33The Relationship of Job and BurnoutMuhammad KaleemDr. Khawar Naheed2015-17MSEnglish Entrepreunship
34Impact of Islamic Banking Services Quality on SwitchingM Irfan TayyabDr. Junaid Zafar2014-16M.PhilEnglish Management
35Determinants of Stock PricesMuhammad AshrafMr. Adeel Akhtar2013-15MSEnglish Administration
36Impact of Personality types on decision making mdeiated by riskMuhammad YaseenDr. Rehana Kosar2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
37Impact of IT Capablities on Firm performance M Yasir ShahzadDr. Masood ul Hasan2016M.PhilEnglish Research
38Do Socially Responsible Firms pay more Dividends?Faiza AshfaqDr. Rehana Kosar2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
39Does Volatily Spilover among sectors varies form normal to periodM Abu BakarDr. Rehana Kosar2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
40The Impact of Microfinancing MF on Borrower's income AlvinaProf. Dr. Hanif Akhtar2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
41Exploring the Determinants of business success M Muazzam RazaDr. Asif Yaseen2016-18MSEnglish Entrepreunship
42Effect of Export Promotion Programmes on Export Performance Sana KhanDr. Masood ul Hasan2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
43Developing and Validating EntrepreneurialKhazina HumairaDr. Asif Yaseen2016-18MSEnglish Entrepreunship
44Technology Acceptance Among Small and Medium EnterprisesHania MalikDr. Masood ul Hasan2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
45Investors Sentiments and Trading Volumes SymmetricAbdul Wahab DanishDr. Rehana Kosar2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
46Empirical Relationship between Interest rates and stock ReturnsAsma Fatima Dr. Rehana Kosar2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
47Understanding Social Media Help in Promoting EntreprenuirshipM Haseeb SheikhDr. Asif Yaseen2016-18M.PhilEnglish Entrepreunship
48Liquidity Corporate Governance and LeverageAbdul MoniumDr. Rehana Kosar2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
49The Impact of Fiancial Inculsion on Bank Stablilty Saba FiazDr. Hanif Akhtar2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
50Anticndents of Customer's Intention to use the Islamic BankingZuniara TehseenDr. Masood ul Hasan2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
51Banking Competition, Banking Stability and Economic GrowthZonaish KhanDr. Rehana Kosar2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
52Managing Interest Rate Margins in Micro Fiance InstitutionsZainab AshiqDr. Hanif Akhtar2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
53An Imparical Analysis of the RelationshipAbdullah IqbalDR. zeeshan Mahmood2016-18M.PhilEnglish Research
54The Impact of Knowledge Management Process, Social CapitalAmbrin AhmadDr. Khawar Naheed2016-18MSEnglish Entrepreunship
55Entrepreneurial Succession in Family BusinessFarrukh AdeelDr. Asif Yaseen2016-18MSEnglish Entrepreunship
56Factors Effecting Entreprineurial InteriorFarkhanda KhalilDr. Masood ul Hasan2016-18MSEnglish Entrepreunship
57Role of Personal Factors of Supervisor and Sub-OrdinatesM Shoaib SattarMr. Saif Ullah Qureshi2016-18MSEnglish Entrepreunship
58The Impact of Expected Positive Performance OutcomesMuahammad MajidMr. Adeel Akhtar2016M.PhilEnglish Administration
59Impact of Socialization process on Newcomer LearningMona GullDr. Ibn Hasan2016M.PhilEnglish Research
60Impact of Factors in Adoption of E-Procurement systemWaqas Abdul SattarDr. Masood ul Hasan2016M.PhilEnglish Research
61Financial Literacy in Southern PunjabSana BatoolDr. Ibn Hasan2016M.PhilEnglish Research
62Impact of Perceived CSR Leadership and Perceived OrganizationalM Irfan SajidDr. Masood ul Hasan2016M.PhilEnglish Research
63The Impact of a systmetric informatin on the investment Farah AnjumDr. Rehana Kosar2016M.PhilEnglish Research
64Impact of Terrorism on stock MarketZahid ImranDr. Rehana Kosar2016M.PhilEnglish Research
65The Relationship b/w Executive pay Loyality and FirmShoaib IqbalDr. Rehana Kosar2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
66The Effect of Credit Rating changes on equity returnsAsif MahboobProf. Allah Bakhsh Khan2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
67Impact if Capital Structure on ProfitabilityRakhshaan Saleem MirProf. Allah Bakhsh Khan2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
68Constraints Affecting in Adoption if IFRS for SMEsAftab YousufDR. zeeshan Mahmood2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
69Impact of Target Costing on Sustainable Competitive AdvantageAbdul KarimDr. Masood ul Hasan2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
70Impact of Organizatinal Support in Informatin use OutcomesAsghar IqbalDr. Masood ul Hasan2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
71Impact of Organizational Jusitce on Employee PerformanceM Irfan KhanDr. Rehana Kosar2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
72Impact of Margin Trading on Efficiency and volatility of stock priceSyed Fawad AzeemDr. Rehana Kosar2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
73Customer switching behavior evidence from beauty saloon of PakistanNaila NazMr. Saif Ullah Qureshi2014-16M.PhilEnglish Commerce
74Influence of Emotional intelligence on the relationship b/w quality of workSidra GulzarDr. Ibn Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
75E-Commerce Technology Adoption: Evidence from Punjab PakistanMirza Rohail BaigDr. Masood ul Hasan2016M.PhilEnglish Research
76Paychological Capital as a mediator b/w employees's personal characterSyeda Manal FatimaDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Management
77Adoption of sustainability practice in Pakistan SME'sSadaf FatimaDR. zeeshan Mahmood2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
78Impact of Entrepreneurship education and family business supportAqsa NayabDr. Ibn Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Entrepreunship
79The relationship b/w entrepreneurial knowledge and creativityNawal TanveerDr. Ibn Hasan2015-17MSEnglish Entrepreunship
80A Debate on impact of net stable funding raion on commercial banksFadia AfzalDr. Rehana Kosar2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
81Antecendents and Consequences of employee engagement organizationalM Usman AsgharMr. Saif Ullah Qureshi2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
82Role of social commerce to develop customers intentions to buyLutfullahDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
83Impact of members and acquisition on performance of financial Muahmmad AsifDr. Rehana Kosar2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
84Factors effecting foreign direct investment in PakistanEjaz MahmoodDr. Hanif Akhtar2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
85Impact of organizational assimilation of e-government systems on businessFarah NazDr. Masood ul Hasan2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
86Corporate governance and IPOs performanceIqra MariamDr. Ibn Hasan2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
87Mediating Impact of customer satisfactin b/w customer perceptionAsif AliDr. Ibn Hasan2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
88The adoption of management accounting practices in PakistanSana ChoudhryDR. zeeshan Mahmood2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
89Casual relationship b/w efficiency and stabilityAbrar AhmadDr. Rehana Kosar2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
90A study of corporate boards in PakistanZareen GulDr. Ibn Hasan2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
91Women entrepreneurs of Pakistan-Trigging events impact of uncertainitySidra SheikhDr. Masood ul Hasan2014-16M.PhilEnglish Entrepreunship
92Customer's co-creation with self-services banking in PakistanZeeshan IqbalDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-17M.PhilEnglish Research
93Revisiting the qualitative research in management accountingFaiza MehakDr. Rehana Kosar2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
94Effect of employee internal and external factore on employeeMansha YousufDr. Masood ul Hasan2014-16M.PhilEnglish Research
95Impact of investment characteristics on perceived risk and returnMuhammad MubeenDr. Rehana Kosar2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
96Financial information and decision making in small family owned businessNain TaraDr. Ibn Hasan2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
97The relationship of corporate social responsibility and social capitalIshrat BlouchDr. Khawar Naheed2015-17MSEnglish Entrepreunship
98Interrelations among leadership styles job chararcteristics Sadia ShokatDr. Masood ul Hasan2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
99Impact of human resource practices on employee output M Saqib NawazDr. Masood ul Hasan2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
100Impact of intellectual capital on the performance of a firmKhurram MustafaProf. Umer Quddoos2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
101Testing the mediating role of perceived organizational support Saad HassanDr. Masood ul Hasan2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
102The relationship b/w capital structure and performance of listed companiesMashhood AhmadDr. Shahnawaz Malik2005-2007M.PhilEnglish Business Finance
103Going public decision and evaluation dynamics of stock pricesMuhammad NadeemDr. Muhammad Amir2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
104Financial statement analysis of leverage and its relation with profitabilityMuhammad AnwarDr. Hayat Awan2002-04M.PhilEnglish Business Finance
105Identification and management of financial risks of sukuk structuresShahid MaqsoodDr. Hayat Awan2002-04M.PhilEnglish Business Finance
106The role of financial policies in the economic growth of economicsM Ahmar SaeedDr. Karamat Ali2001-03M.PhilEnglish Business Finance
107Impact of exchange rate volatility on macroeconomics Iqbal MahmoodDr. Shahnawaz Malik2003-05M.PhilEnglish Business Finance
108The performance of islamic mutual funds in pakistanAhmad Ali Dr. Imran sharif Ch2003-05M.PhilEnglish Research
109Opertional efficiency of Islamic BanksM Shoaib RizwanDr. Shahnawaz Malik2003-05M.PhilEnglish Business Finance
110Impact of macroeconomic variables on foreign direct investment in PakistanMajor Ehsan UllahDr. Imran sharif Ch2003-05M.PhilEnglish Business Finance
111The Role of Karachi stock exchange in the capital formation Hakim Ali KanasroDr. Amanat Ali2004PH.DEnglish Commerce
112Impact of corporate social responsibility CSR on banks performanceSomia ZulfiqarDr. Rehana Kosar2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
113Predicting financial distress in cement industry in PakistanM Hasan RazaDr. Rehana Kosar2013-15M.PhilEnglish Commerce
114Impact of export processing zones on economic development of PakistanRahat SabahDr. Masood ul Hasan2013-15M.PhilEnglish Commerce
115Impcat of foreign exchange volatility in the profitablt of financial distressMuhammad HasanDr. Rehana Kosar2013-15M.PhilEnglish Research
116Testing the mediating impact of customer satisfaction and technology M Shahid IqbalDr. Masood ul Hasan2013-15M.PhilEnglish Management
117Empirical analysis of the ability of current operating earning and cashIrfan AmjadDR. zeeshan Mahmood2013-15M.PhilEnglish Commerce
118Impact of corporate governance on firm performance Hina ImtiazDr. Ibn Hasan2013-15M.PhilEnglish Commerce
119Impact of services orientation and market orientation on organizational Maria ZamirDr. Masood ul Hasan2012-14M.PhilEnglish Commerce
120Impact of perceived organizational support and psychological empowermentMuahammad ShoaibDr. Masood ul Hasan2012-14M.PhilEnglish Commerce
121The effects of personal characteristics on organizational commitmentKahsif NawazProf. Umer Quddoos2012-14M.PhilEnglish Commerce
122Impact of extrinsic intrinsic and social rewards on employee productivityGhulam AbbasDr. Rehana Kosar2012-14M.PhilEnglish Commerce
123Consequences of 2008 financial crises case of companies listed in KSEShahnaz TabassumDr. Rehana Kosar2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
124Impact of supply chain management in manufacturing sector of PakistanGohar MahmoodDr. Rehana Kosar2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
125Linking financial distress with accounting returns and capital structureSundas KhalidDr. Rehana Kosar2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
126Determinants of corporate governance Muhammad AzeemDr. Rehana Kosar2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
127Antecendents of financial performance of banking sectorRabia KibriyaDr. Rehana Kosar2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
128Financial derivatives usage in financial sector of PakistanTahira BanoDr. Rehana Kosar2012-14M.PhilEnglish Research
129Impact of size, age and growth opportunities on firm's performanceAhmad YarDr. Hanif Akhtar2013-15M.PhilEnglish Commerce
130Divident payout policy and financial crisis Rabia LuqmanDr. Rehana Kosar2012-14M.PhilEnglish Commerce
131Corporate governance, capital structure dynamics and cost equityM Imran KhanDr. Rehana Kosar2015-18PH.DEnglish Commerce
132An examination of using IT entrepreneurial orientation on businessKashif AkbarProf. Umer Quddoos2018-20MSEnglish Entrepreunship
133Empowering entrepreneurship the role of freelance training in PakistanBilal QamarDr. Masood ul Hasan2018-20MSEnglish Entrepreunship
134Entrepreneurial inclinction among university graduatesKhurram KhaleelDr. Asif Yaseen2018-20MSEnglish Entrepreunship
135Impact of share leadership in entrepreneurial on new venture performanceRuqaiyya HussainDr. Junaid Zafar2018-20MSEnglish Entrepreunship
136Integrated waste management as an entreprenuerial modelKhubaib KhanDr. Sadiq Shahid2018-20MSEnglish Entrepreunship
137Impact of micro-financing on success of women entrepreneursM Bilal AbbasProf. Umer Quddoos2018-20MSEnglish Entrepreunship
138Employee's opinion on online HR practiceM Azam KhanProf. Umer Quddoos2018-20MSEnglish Entrepreunship
139The mediating effect of job satisfaction b/w employee and organizationZahra FatimaDr. Junaid Zafar2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
140Impact of ethical leadership on employee psychological well-beingSonia AkramDr. Junaid Zafar2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
141Economic profile of tribal areas in south punjabMustansar HayatDr. Hanif Akhtar2018-20M.PhilEnglish Commerce
142Explaining the role of leadership in fostering the collaboration for innovationM Ali KulaichiDr. Asif Yaseen2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
143Corporate social responsibility financial distress and firm life cycleMaryam TariqDr. Muhammad Amir2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
144Financial development , islamic finance and sustainable economic growthRamsha AbbasDR. zeeshan Mahmood2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
145Corporate governance, profitability and bank capitalization strategiesZahra JamilDr. Rehana Kosar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
146Impact of shariah governance on sustianability performnce of islamic bankHafiz Muhammad AsadDR. zeeshan Mahmood2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
147Institutional drivers of sustainable development reportingHafiza Tehreem LiaqatDR. zeeshan Mahmood2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
148Does market value react to corporate sustainability performance CSPMaria RafiqDr. Rehana Kosar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
149The moderating effect of firm size on the reltaitonship b/w capital structureIqra MalikDr. Muhammad Amir2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
150Credit risk determinants: Study of islaimc and conventinal banksAmmar AhmadDr. Hanif Akhtar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
151Investigating the relationship b/w entrepreneurial orientation firmM Muzammil KhanDr. Asif Yaseen2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
152Women entrepreneurial education and trainingSemmera BashirDr. Masood ul Hasan2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
153Antecedents and censequences of consumer attitude towards productsHafiz M Rashid JanDr. Masood ul Hasan2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
154Well-being at workplace setting in PakistanMaryam ShoukatDr. Ibn Hasan2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
155Role of entrepreneurial orientation in explaining firm performanceKazim AbbasDr. Khawar Naheed2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
156Mediation roel of earning management in the relationship M Umair AkhtarProf. Allah Bakhsh Khan2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
157Does employee training and employee education level performanceM Arslan AshrafDr. Junaid Zafar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Research
158Determinants fo female entrepreneurship: A case study from MultanAyesha KamalDr. Hanif Akhtar2017-19MSEnglish Entrepreunship
159The effect of green HRM on employee eco-friendly behaviourM Ishfaq AhmadDr. Junaid Zafar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
160Role of gender equally in the relationship b/w entrepreneurial trainingAlvena FidaDr. Masood ul Hasan2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
161Impact of entrepreneurial orientatin on innovatin performance of foodAmber MahmoodDr. Khawar Naheed2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
162The route to well being at workplace: Examining the role of job insecuritySummera SaeedDr. Ibn Hasan2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
163Antecedents to the motivational dynamics and its consequences Anam KhanDr. Asif Yaseen2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
164Role of organizational capabilities in achieving firm performanceRohma HussainDr. Asif Yaseen2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
165The impact of organizational commitment and organizational cultureSajid Ali HaiderDr. Junaid Zafar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Research
166Improving employee's creativity via individual skills development and teamAyesha KanwalDr. Khawar Naheed2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
167Crafting Wellbeing: The relationship b/w regulatory focus job Anum GullDr. Ibn Hasan2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
168Impact of financial and social development on economic growthAbdul RehmanDr. Rehana Kosar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Commerce
169Impact of election on stock returns evidence from Pakistan and indiaRao Najam AyubDr. Sadiq Shahid2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
170Factors determining liquidity in islamic and conventional banksM Safdar HussainDr. Hanif Akhtar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
171Impact of sustainability governance on sustainability performanceAmina KhanumDR. zeeshan Mahmood2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
172The corporate governance exposure and performanceMisbah AkramProf. Allah Bakhsh Khan2017-19M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
173Examining the relationship across business model and risk on stability Anam ShahzadiDr. Hanif Akhtar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Commerce
174Does islamic banking amplify macroeconomic development in Pakistan?Samreen FatimaDr. Hanif Akhtar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Commerce
175Role of shariah and corporate governance in financial performance Qaiser AbbasDr. Rehana Kosar2017-19M.PhilEnglish Commerce
176A transgendered prespective on entrepreneurship in PakistanM Sarim ImranDr. Asif Yaseen201719M.PhilEnglish Management
177Impact of customer motivation and customer owned resources on electronicMuhammad AliDr. Masood ul Hasan2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
178Employee's response towards organizational change and its impact on workArslan AyubDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-20PH.DEnglish Administration
179An asymmetric effect of exchange rate volatility on trade flows of SAARS-3Waseem JavedProf. Allah Bakhsh Khan2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
180Linking brand experience with brand prestige by examining mediating roleJawaria MalikDr. Asad Ur Rehman2018-20M.PhilEnglish Commerce
181The nexus of sustainability practices and financial performanceM Zain-Ul-AbideenDr. Rehana Kosar2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
182The impact of corporate sustainability reporting disclosure on earningMuhammad SafdarDr. Sadiq Shahid2018-20M.PhilEnglish Commerce
183The effect of mobile marketing and social media on consumption SabaDr. Asad Ur Rehman2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
184Antecedents of youth self employment behaviourHafiz M Kamran ShakirDr. Masood ul Hasan2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
185A comparative study on the impact of foreign capital inflows FDI & FPIMuhammad Ali RazaProf. Allah Bakhsh Khan2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
186Does corporate social responsibility moderates the relationship of corporeteMuhammad UmerDr. Sadiq Shahid2018-20M.PhilEnglish Commerce
187Self-service technological diffusion in the public and private banksRoohi MunirDr. Khawar Naheed2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
188Exploring the empirical impact of advertising appeals on brand prideAlina SheikhDr. Asad Ur Rehman2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
189Impact of personality attributes on investment decision and mediating roleMunawwar AttaDr. Muhammad Amir2018-20M.PhilEnglish Commerce
190The impact of board biversity on corporate social responsibility reportingAbu Bakar MahmoodDr. Zeeshan Mahmood2018-20M.PhilEnglish Commerce
191Justification and accountig: Applying SOW for understanding the dynamicsAsma ArshadDR. Zeeshan Mahmood2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
192Corporate governance and bank performance before, during and after crisisAbdul HameedDr. Muhammad Amir2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
193Impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth of PakistanFahad RashidMr. Adeel Akhtar2018-20M.PhilEnglish Commerce
194The impact of individual and formal factors on women empowerment Sadia KanwalDr. Khawar Naheed2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
195Measuring the training effect of human resource practice on the intellectualSyed Muhib Ali NaqviDr. Khawar Naheed2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
196Personality and development of Eco-Social conscious entrepreneurshipAiman QureshiDr. Asif Yaseen2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
197The role of entrepreneurial mentoring and youth development programmeHafiz M Azib MirajDr. Masood ul Hasan2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
198Does internal borrowing of Pakistani government affect corporate leverage?Saeed AhmadDr. Muhammad Amir2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
199An empirical study on determinants of consumer behaviourMuhammad RehanMr. Mazhar Iqbal2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
200Islamic Finance: A catalyst for sustainable development Saba ShabbirDr. Rehana Kosar2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
201Relationship b/w foreign remittances and economic growth of Pak-economyAhmer RafiqProf. Allah Bakhsh Khan2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
202Impact of financial inclusion in financial efficiency and finanail sustainabilityIffat RiazDr. Rehana Kosar2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
203Determinants of investment yield of insuarance frims of PakistanWajeeha SheereenDr. Hanif Akhtar2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
204CSR reporting sustainability practices in hospitality and tourismAyesha MustafaDR. Zeeshan Mahmood2018-20M.PhilEnglish Commerce
205Determinants of banking sector development: A gross-country analysisRozina MalikDr. Hanif Akhtar2018-20M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
206Translating the impact of individuals and knowledge management factorsNain TaraDr. Khawar Naheed2018-20M.PhilEnglish Management
207Influence of islamic microfinace towards sustainable development goalsAbdul RehmanDr. Sadiq Shahid2018-20M.PhilEnglish Commerce
208Impact of decent work on women employment Muhammad AhmadDr. Masood ul Hasan2017-19M.PhilEnglish Management
209The investigation of what drives islamic entrepreneurship intentionsAbdul MunirDr. Asif Yaseen2019-21MSEnglish Entrepreunship
210Social commerce intentions and its dimensions during covid-19Kiran MushtaqDr. Masood ul Hasan2019-21MSEnglish Entrepreunship
211The impact of brand hate on entrepreneurial brand equityMakhdoom M ArifDr. Asad Ur Rehman2019-21MSEnglish Entrepreunship
212The impact of ICT and social media adoption on Pakistani freelancer'sMaria JavedDr. Masood ul Hasan2109-21MSEnglish Entrepreunship
213Sustainable strategies adopted by non-franchise resturants in MultanTariq MehmoodDR. zeeshan Mahmood2019-21MSEnglish Entrepreunship
214How do dynamic capabilities influence the entrepreneurial process?Muhammad Ali RazaDr. Junaid Zafar2019-21MSEnglish Entrepreunship
215Understanding the effectiveness of entrepreneurail intention and educationKhush BakhtDr. Rehana Kosar2019-21MSEnglish Entrepreunship
216Entrepreneurial orientation: A study of the effect of gender role in S punjabMasooma RubabDr. Khawar Naheed2019-21MSEnglish Entrepreunship
217Social CRM, RMO, & Business strategies affecting banksSheikh Rehan AslamDr. Masood ul Hasan2014-16M.PhilEnglish Marketing
218Corporate governance & earning management with moderating roleM Muntazir MehdiDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Commerce
219The impact of net stable fundign ratio(NSFR) requalations of base-iiiUlfat AbbasDr. Rehana Kosar2015-17M.PhilEnglish Commerce
220Exploring the relationship b/w environmental management accounting(EMA)Badar LatifDR. zeeshan Mahmood2015-17MSEnglish Entrepreunship
221Factors affecting green purchasing behaviour of customersM Abbas AnjumDr. Khawar Naheed2015-17M.PhilEnglish Commerce
222Impact of entrepreneurail orientation of firm performanceMohsin AliMr. Adeel Akhtar2015-17MSEnglish Entrepreunship
223Factors influencing business graduates intention for sustaniableAsad LatifDR. zeeshan Mahmood2015-17MSEnglish Entrepreunship
224The relationship of self-efficiency and autonomy of entrepreneurial intentionMuhammad WaqasDr. Khawar Naheed2015-17MSEnglish Entrepreunship
225Impact of knowledge acquisition on new venture performanceAmir SohailMr. Adeel Akhtar2015-17MSEnglish Entrepreunship
226Role of mobile banking towards financial inclusion in PakistanAmir HayatDr. Hanif Akhtar2016-18M.PhilEnglish Commerce
227Antecedents of customer satisfaction of housing finace facilityMalik Abdul RazzaqMr. Saif Ullah Qureshi2016-18M.PhilEnglish Accounting & Finance
228An empirical analysis of the relationship b/w corporate social and financialAbdullah IqbalDR. zeeshan Mahmood2016-18M.PhilEnglish Commerce
229Impact of internal audit to mitigate risk factorMaham AslamDr. Khawar Naheed2016-18M.PhilEnglish Commerce
230Bidirectional Relationship B/W Stock Market Declines and LiquidityMaria Shamas KhakwaniDr. Rehana Kosar2014-17PH.DEnglish Commerce
231Examining the path from export strategic orientations to export entrepreneurshipMuhammad Saqib NawazDr. Masood ul Hasan2014-17PH.DEnglish Business Management
232Evaluating investments in accounts receivable: Evidance from south asia economicMuhammad Usman QureshiDR. zeeshan Mahmood2014-19PH.DEnglish Finance
233ANTECEDENTS, MECHANISMS and CONSEQUENCES of PRESEENTEEISMAmna HasnainDr. Masood ul Hasan2015-20PH.DEnglish Business Management
234Measurements and forecasting of finanacial sector performanceQaiser Maqbool KhanDr. Rehana Kosar2016-21PH.DEnglish Commerce
235Socio-Eonomic determinants of terrorism and its impact on returns of stock marketSyed Shafqat AbbasDr. Rehana Kosar2016-21PH.DEnglish Commerce
236Good Governance for Sustainable Development: A cross country analysis Allah DittaDR. zeeshan Mahmood2016-21PH.DEnglish Finance