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Library of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan plays a vital role in the academic life of a university. The fundamental role of the library is educational. It should not be operated as a mere storehouse of books, rather it should be a dynamic instrument of education. The Central Library of the university is being organized on these lines. The library collections support not only every course in the curriculum but also include selected stock of general reference books, periodicals, publications, newspapers etc. Most of the departments have their own departmental libraries situated in their own buildings. The administration of the Library is vested in the Library Committee, which is responsible for efficient management of the Library. The whole library system is being computerized and online library service will be available through a network after the completion of the computerization process.

Lincoln Corner also located at central library which is partnership between the Embassy of the United States of America and selected institution in Pakistan, Located with in the universities, public libraries and cultural centers, Lincoln Corner are multi-media resources centers, where visors can connect practice their English and learn about America in many different ways. Central library centrally WiFi and HEC digital library also access through university network. library congenial environment also enhance the researchers interest to study and create direct link of different section of library such as General section, archives of newspapers and pericardial section equipped with peer reviewed journals. Urdu languages resources also open for students in the shape of Nawab Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani Section,Ghalbiat and Gosha-e-Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqui section.