Library Collection

Readers Instructions

Reader Instruction for the Usage of Library

1. Central Library is serving for readers from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and online round the clock (24 hours) via library website.

2. Before entering the Library show your student card or identity card to the attendant.

3. please leave your belongings (files, bags, purses etc Central Library gate after taking out your valuables.

4. use the library catalogue to search books from the shelves.

5. Study in silence (Discussions, meeting and use of mobiles are strictly prohibited in library.

6. Don’t scribble on library books.

7. if any student tears or steal any books he/ she will be fined.

8. Edibles and smoking are strictly prohibited in library.

9. only for general books can be issued for fifteen days.

10. Fine will be charged on over due books.

11. Books are issued on valid library card.

12. References books are not issued.

13. Before leaving the library get books checked by the attendant.

14. it is your moral duty to handle the books and library material with care.